Groupe ADP has improved its ability to be innovative by launching the Innovation Hub programme. This involves developing a powerful ecosystem to help imagining and designing the airport of tomorrow
The Innovation Hub programme uses a systemic approach focused around three main pillars: Open, Connect, Invest.

This cross-functional approach aims at imagining new solutions, disseminating a culture of innovation throughout the Group, experimenting and implementing new products, services and operating modes in a flexible way.

Tomorrow's airport starts here


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Edward Arkwright, Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO - Development, Engineering and Transformation
The Innovation Hub programme is a fantastic driver for transforming the culture within Groupe ADP and accelerating the marketing of new technologies and services.

In an increasingly competitive airport sector, Groupe ADP is counting on this dynamic to help us stand out, increase our competitiveness and better serve our customers, who are both passengers and airlines.

Our three parisian airports and our international airport network offer opportunities for new, innovative companies to experiment.

Innovation is cross-functional and collaborative, and is everyone's responsibility. The dedicated innovation team is available to support business lines, helping,promoting and roll-out projects that contribute to our ambition of becoming the global leader in designing, constructing and operating airports.

Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP