Other publications 2016

10 October 2016
Groupe ADP announces the completion of the sale of its equity interest in Mexican Airport Operator OMA

6 October 2016
Groupe ADP has converted its SETA shares into Mexican airport operator OMA shares and announces its intention to sell these shares, while maintaining a technical and operational advisory mission with SETA

5 September 2016
Approval of 2016 aviation tariffs by the independent supervisory authority for aviation fees

5 August 2016
Groupe ADP enters into exclusive talks with the Cuban authorities concerning the development of Havana International Airport

4 August 2016
Aéroports de Paris S.A. precises that the decision of the ASI of non approval of 2016 tariffs will not modify the financial equilibrium of the company and recalls the planned regulatory process

26 May 2016
Appointments within Groupe ADP

14 April 2016
Aéroports de Paris creates a new traveller brand, “Paris Aéroport”, and becomes “Groupe ADP"

1st April 2016
Filing of 2015 registration document

7 March 2016
Clarification: update about discussions between Aéroports de Paris and the Vietnamese Authorities


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