International activities: a driver for growth

Groupe ADP aims to become a world leader in airport design, construction, and operations. The acquisition in 2012 of a 38% equity interest in the Turkish airport group, TAV Airports, put Groupe ADP among the top three airport operators worldwide. The group directly or indirectly manages 34 airports that handled nearly 252 million passengers in 2015. 

Groupe ADP also acquired a 49% stake in TAV Construction, a company specialised in the construction and maintenance of airport infrastructure.

Groupe ADP also develops and exports its skills in airport planning and management, which it has gained over the course of many years, via two of its subsidiaries—ADP Ingénierie, which designs and supervises the construction of airports abroad, and ADP Management, a company that operates and holds equity in some airports abroad. Both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Groupe ADP and play a key role in boosting the Group's presence on the world stage.  

In 2008, Groupe ADP also signed an industrial alliance involving an 8% cross-shareholding with Schiphol Group, which manages Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

A cooperation agreement was also signed between Groupe ADP, Schiphol Group, and Incheon International Airport, the airport serving Seoul.  

  • 38%of equity interest in the Turkish airport group, TAV Airports
  • 34managed airports in the wolrd
  • 49%stake in the company TAV Construction

Expanding internationally


A network of airports on 4 continents.


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