Franck Goldnadel

Executive Director, Chief Airport Operations officer
and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Managing Director

Born on 14 August 1969, is a graduate engineer of the École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile. After beginning his career in 1993 with the Air Transport department of the ENAC in cooperation with Airbus Industries, he was Director of Commercial Development of Alyzia Airport Services, a subsidiary of Groupe ADP, from the end of 1994 to 1997 in charge of ground-handling services.


He joined Groupe ADP at the end of 1997 and occupied a number of positions within the Operations department at terminals 1 and 3 of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

In 2003, he was appointed Director of terminals 2E, 2F, 2G and TGV station at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

Since January 2010, Franck Goldnadel has been Director of Paris-Orly airport. Since 12 December 2014, Franck Goldnadel has been Executive Director, Director in charge of airport operations.

He performs these duties at the same time as those of Director of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, a position which he has held since 1 March 2011.

Within the Groupe ADP, he is a Director of Média Groupe ADP (joint-venture) and of Hub One (an Groupe ADP subsidiary) and a member of the Board of Société de Distribution Aéroportuaire (joint-venture) and a member of the Executive Committee of Relay@ADP (joint-venture), CCS France (equity interest) and Epigo (joint-venture).

Franck Goldnadel is a Knight of the National Order of Merit.

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