Before departure:  conditions to travel

Age : Your baby may travel on short-haul flights the from of age one week, and from the age of three weeks for long-haul flights. Below are a few recommendations to make the trip as pleasant as possible for both you and the baby:

Passeport : Your baby must comply with the same rules as you do: if the country you are travelling to requires a passport and visa, your baby must have them too..

At the airport

Many things are done to help you with your baby : pushcair to borrow, baby's areas...

Borrow a pushchair 

On board: advices to travel

  • 1

    Carry a small bottle of sweetened wate
    In the cabin, the air is dry and pressurised; carry a small bottle of sweetened water with you to make your baby drink regularly. In addition, swallowing helps babies reduce the effects of pressure changes on their delicate inner ears.


  • 2

    Reassure your babyduring take-off and landing
    Take-off and landing can be very stressful times for a small child… Reassure your baby by breast-feeding or with a dummy.

  • 3

    Don't forget his favourite toys
    Remember to pack baby's favourite toys and stuffed animals to keep him or her busy during the flight and avoid tears…

  • 4

    Bring enough nappies and baby wipes to last throughout the flight.
    To feel comfortable, baby must be clean… 

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