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Membership of the scheme

  • How can I join the My Paris Aéroport scheme?

    To join the scheme, you just have to set up a Paris Aéroport account.

    Membership is free and anyone can join.

  • What are the scheme’s benefits?

    Your benefits vary depending on your status. Find out about all benefits per status by clicking here.

  • What does the launch offer consist of?

    The launch offer lets you achieve MyPremium status the day after your flight. To do so, just sign up to the My Paris Aéroport scheme and don’t forget to validate your first flight when you next pass through the airport.

    You will automatically gain MyPremium status the day after validating your flight and you can then enjoy all MyPremium benefits. Your MyPremium status is valid for 12 months from the date you become a MyPremium member.

Status and benefits

  • What conditions apply for achieving MyPremium status?

    The launch offer will give you MyPremium status once you have validated your first flight at the airport.

    To retain your MyPremium status, you must fly at least 6 times from our airports over a 12-month period, or spend €500 in affiliated shops and/or car parking online reservations over a 12-month period.

  • How long is the status valid?

    The status is valid for one year. If you meet the criteria for moving up to the next status before the end of this period, this will happen immediately.

    Following the 12-month period, if you have not met the flight and/or spending criteria to keep your status, you will move down a status. You can, of course, move back up a status once you have met the criteria.

  • How do I register my flights in the airport?

    To validate your flights and move up a status, you have to scan your QR code in the orange-coloured orientation terminals located in the departure lounge of your flight.

  • If I forget to validate my flight at the airport, can I register the flight later?

    You can use the contact form to send us a copy of your boarding card and our customer service will credit your flight to your account.

    We must receive your request within 12 months from the date of your flight in order to be credited.

  • What are the scheme’s benefits?

    With the My Paris Aéroport scheme, you will gain time to enjoy the benefits! A range of services is available to help you organise your time in the airport and you will earn points which you can turn into shopping vouchers. You will also be eligible for reduced price offers.

    Your privileges vary according to your status. You can find all the privileges linked to your status by clicking here.

  • Which stores are affiliated to the loyalty scheme?

    Stores affiliated to the scheme are BuY PARIS DUTY FREE (beauty, wine & spirits), BuY PARIS Collection (fashion), Relay, Air de Paris, and Travel & Co. You can find the list of affiliated stores in your arrival or departure terminal, by going to the shopping section in our app or on our website.

  • How do I use my benefits in-store?

    It’s simple to use your shopping benefits, just show your QR code at the checkout.

  • Which products qualify for the 5% discount?

    Customers with MyPremium status automatically receive a 5% discount on beauty purchases (perfume, beauty products, make-up) and spirits in the BuY PARIS DUTY FREE stores, on books at Relay and on all online parking reservations.

    This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (apart from shopping vouchers).


  • How do I use my parking benefits?

    PTo use your parking benefits, log on to the My Paris Aéroport app or website using your login details. Your personal benefits will appear automatically when you make your online parking reservation. If you have enough points, a voucher will be offered to you at the end of the reservation process, before payment. Only online parking reservations are currently eligible as benefits of the scheme.

Earning and redeeming points

  • How do I earn points?

    You can earn points in all the scheme’s affiliated stores and online parking reservations using our website or the My Paris Aéroport app.

    1€ spent = 2 points.

  • How do I redeem my points?

    Your points are converted into 500 point vouchers. 500 points = one voucher worth 5€ in affiliated stores or 10€ for online parking reservations.

  • How long are points valid?

    Points are valid for 12 months from the date on which they were awarded. You can check your points in the My Space menu by clicking on your points credit.

  • Where can I find my vouchers?

    You don’t need to worry about vouchers. As soon as you earn 500 points, you will automatically be offered your 5€ discount in store or 10€ for parking, at the point of purchase.

  • I have made an online parking reservation, but my points have not been credited. Why is this?

    Points earned on parking reservations are only credited when you leave the car park. Points are awarded according to your status on the day you made the reservation, (not the day you leave the car park, if the status has changed). You can check points due to you in your My Space account, by clicking on your points credit.

  • Can you earn and redeem benefits during the same transaction (both in-store or for parking)?

    You can increase your points balance and redeem points at the same time by using the scheme’s discounts. However, the scheme’s discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers in-store.

  • Will my voucher be reimbursed if I cancel a parking reservation or if I return a purchase in-store?

    No, vouchers are non-refundable, either in euros or points.

  • If I forget to show my membership card at the checkout, how do I register my points later?

    You can use the contact form to send us a copy of your receipt and our customer service will credit your points to your account.

My Space account

  • Where can I find my points and flight details?

    You will find all the details about your points and flights in your My Space account.

  • How do I change my personal information?

    You can change your personal information in the “My Profile” menu in your My Space account.

  • I’ve lost my login details, how do I find them?

    You can retrieve your login details by following the “lost password” link and entering the e-mail address you used to create the account. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation enabling you to change your password. If you can’t remember your e-mail address, you can contact our customer service on 3950.

  • How do I unsubscribe from the scheme?

    You can unsubscribe using the contact form found under “Contact us” in your My Space account. Our customer service will unsubscribe you.


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