Eco-friendly Christmas parades at Paris airports

For the festive period, entrances to the Paris airports will be adorned with giant seven-metre tall globes lit up by gold, silver and white LEDs. Inside the terminals, decorations will include dozens of huge, golden Christmas baubles. This year, Aéroports de Paris is demonstrating its environmental responsibility in its offer to passengers to become involved in the world's largest wish list. For more information or to take part, visit

From mid-December, wishparades, featuring actors from the theatre association "La Bouée" and directed by Béatrice De La Boulaye, will be roaming the halls of our Paris airport terminals. Designed by costume creators Nousch Ruellan and Elise Leliard, all the costumes have been made from 100% recycled materials. Passengers will be introduced to characters including Le Page, Miss Air and Mr Wishmaker. Who are they?
Mr Wishmaker is a friendly polar bear measuring 2.10 m in height. He represents the species most threatened by global warming. His mission is to encourage all passengers he meets to make a wish for the planet. Resembling a fashionable Parisian dandy, he sports a frock coat made from advertising banners previously hung in our Paris airport terminals (10 metres of banners were used in the making of his costume). His fur is actually composed of white plastic forks (750), his eyes are made from spoons and his waistcoat from furniture packaging.

Le page
has been dressed up using pages from old issues of Paris Worldwide magazine (the Paris airports magazine).

Miss Air is the embodiment of Parisian elegance and promotes sustainable development. She lives only through the eye of photographers. So she knows how to steal the limelight. Her dress has been created from old Aéroports de Paris banners and cinema posters. Packaging from electrical items was used to make her hair and veil, which are crowned with an Eiffel Tower made from 20 clear plastic forks.

Overall, a total of 15 different characters will parade through the airports, surprising and amazing passengers with tens of thousands of fun, environmentally friendly gifts. Follow us on Twitter @AeroportsParis to see more about the Wishparades!