The Orly West shop is the image of the original Mariage Frères tea counters. Travellers can buy: - a range of teas unrivalled in the world (white tea, yellow tea, green tea, black tea, blue tea, red tea, ripe tea, compressed tea, handcrafted tea, perfumed tea), - a range of gourmet creations made with tea as an ingredient, - a selection of tableware (teapots, tea-cups, etc…) The shop is open between 6 am and 9.15 pm and has been fitted out to look exactly like the sales outlets in the city centre: contemporary colours, black tea caddies arranged on an old-fashioned tea wall, panelling………

  • Terminal Ouest Paris - Orly

    Terminal Ouest - Niveau 1 - Zone publique

    Opening hours
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednersday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Bank holidays - From 06:00 to 21:15
    Phone number
    +33 (0)1 74 22 07 41
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