Paris, the world's leading tourist destination

The French capital welcomes 42 million visitors and 10 million exhibitors attending professional events. Some 40% of travellers to Paris come to the city on business, whether it's a corporate event or a trade show.
Paris, the world's leading tourist destination
Each year, around 450 fairs and trade shows are held in Paris, drawing nearly 10 million visitors.

Paris, the leading AirBnB destination ahead of New York

4 tourist sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage in Paris region.
Paris has the highest number of theatres in Europe.
Paris, leading destination ahead New York City
• 14.8 million visitors to Disneyland Paris,
• 8.4 million  visitors to the Louvre Museum,
• 6.9 million  visitors to the Eiffel Tower in 2015.

Paris, abundant and eclectic accomodation

Paris stands out from its rival due to its well-balanced, abundant and eclectic accommodation - from luxury palaces to small local hotels with 149,000 rooms, including 82,227 in the centre of the French capital.