The continuous improvement of the airport services

Paris Aéroport must provide airlines with high-level airport services and top quality services for passengers who are our mutual customers.
Paris Aéroport's performance is based on listening carefully to their needs assisted by permanent consultation and exchanges increased by Paris Aéroport every year.

The figure: 86 % it is the rate of satisfaction of the companies towards their relations with Groupe ADP in 2016.

Paris Aéroport has set up a daily dialogue tool with the airlines and the Air Navigation Department at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and at Paris-Orly. The Airport CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) is used for making collective operational decisions. It helps to manage infrastructure availability and contributes to strengthening the safety culture. A CDM website keeps all partners informed in real time. 

In addition to this tool, several communication systems have been set up to collectively manage unforeseeable and specific situations, and to inform passengers. Up until now, the Airport-CDM has been applied airside, but is currently being developed for terminal processes.   

The figure: 10 % it is the improvement of the fluidity of the traffic which one of the tools of the CDM-Airport allowed since 2007 

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