Five major Groupe ADP's commitments 

To control and reduce both its internal and external impact, Groupe ADP has five major commitments, as stated in the CSR Charter.

Putting people at the core of our strategy

Groupe ADP recognises that the Group's men and women are its main asset. This is why Groupe ADP is committed to assisting its employees with their career paths throughout their career, enhancing their skills and development and integrating people with disabilities.
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Satisfying all our customers

Groupe ADP, achieving good results and satisfying all of its customers are among its most important strategic aims, and it strives to provide service of the highest possible quality.
Groupe ADP offers a seamless, varied and innovative range of top quality products and services, working closely with its customers and partners. 
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Controlling and reducing our impact

In order to ensure that it grows and remains competitive in the long-term, Groupe ADP has adopted a proactive approach to environmental management and tackling climate change. It takes this aim into account in its investment decisions and in all its processes and business, involving its partners and working alongside its customers in order to deploy infrastructure that is appropriate and eco-efficient.
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Adopting an ethical and responsible procurement policy

Strong economic performance is closely linked to ethical procurement. Groupe ADP undertakes to adopt responsible practices in relation to its suppliers and to build a sustainable and balanced relationship with them based on reciprocal trust.
Accordingly, the Group seeks to open up its markets to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to enable young, innovative companies to access them and to adopt sustainable, responsible and supportive procurement practices for its French airports.
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Environmental and energy policy 2021 

Fostering social commitments on a local scale

Promoting local development and helping to improve the environment and quality of life for nearby communities are key components of societal responsibility. 
Groupe ADP seeks to uphold its commitments to public authorities and local and regional players, so that the regions in which it operates, and the people living in them, are able to benefit from the economic vitality of its airports.
The Group is committed to maintaining its contribution to the attractiveness and competitiveness of national and regional economies.
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