Control and management of the cycle of water

Paris Aéroport fully manages the water cycle on its airports, from the distribution of drinking water to the treatment of run-off water.
This responsibility covers Paris Aéroport's own activities and those of its airport partners.
The collected wastewater is disposed of via the local authority's water pipes, from where it is channelled towards water purifying stations serving the greater Paris region.
A monitoring procedure for wastewater discharged from the different activities and industries in the airport area is in place. 

The figure: 8.2 % of consumption interns of drinking water in 2016 with regard to 2014

Filtering using plants

To treat water contaminated with products for de-icing aircraft and removing ice from runways at Paris-Orly Airport, Paris Aéroport has a 6500m² filter marsh planted with reeds. 


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