Development of the dialogue and the exchanges

Created in 1995 for Paris-Charles de Gaulle and in 1996 for Paris-Orly, the MEDD (Environmental and Sustainable Development Resource Centres) lie at the heart of the relationship with local residents, from citizens to local elected officials.
Their purpose is to develop human relationships, mutual awareness and understanding between the local residents and the players in the air transport sector.  
They design and host educational seminars focusing on aeronautical careers and employment forums and conferences. Several recruitment and careers information forums are held there every year for jobseekers, including students, older people and people with disabilities. 

The MEDD each welcome over 15,000 visitors per year to informative and entertaining venues where a variety of themes are addressed such as knowledge of the region, the airport's history and environmental policy and air navigation. The MEDD welcome elected officials, authorities and local residents. They organise guided tours behind the scenes at the airport, career discovery tours for Year 10 students, and educational events combined with themed exhibitions for local community schools. They also hold free events for the general public all year long (European Heritage Days, La Fête du Pilotage virtuel (Virtual Flying Festival), Orly fête ses riverains (Orly's festive weekend for its local residents)) and every month they organise a wide variety of cultural events, including exhibitions, creative workshops and talks.  

The figure: 30000 people welcomed in 2016


Contact MEDD SUD

Mailing address:
Maison de l'Environnement 
Pôle relations territoriales sud
103 Aérogare Sud
CS 90055
Contact Information: 01 49 75 90 70


Mailing address:
Maison de l'Environnement 
Pôle relations territoriales nord
1 rue Louis Couhé
95931 Roissy CDG cedex zone de Roissypôle
Contact Information: 01 48 64 63 82