Groupe ADP has long been committed to sustainable development.
CSR is addressed at the highest level in the company and it permeates and is tailored to all the Group's entities and processes. 
Groupe ADP develops in accordance with human rights and the fundamental rights defined by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Since 2003, Groupe ADP has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact. "We ensure that the principles of the Global Compact are respected and we support this United Nations initiative." Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. 

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Groupe ADP is a French société anonyme (public limited company) with a board of directors. The Board of Directors is composed of 18 members including six who are appointed by shareholders at their Annual General Meeting, six representing the French government and six elected by employees.

Three committees contribute to quality decision-making: the Audit and Risk Committee, the Strategy and Investments Committee and the Remuneration, Nomination and Governance Committee.
Two observers attend Board of Directors' meetings in an advisory capacity.

A rule of procedure, available on-line, specifies the Board of Directors' operational scope and practical procedures. Attached to it are a Directors' Charter and a code of ethics for securities transactions and compliance with French regulations on insider trading, insider misconduct and market manipulation.
The Board of Directors uses the AFEP-MEDEF code of corporate governance for listed companies as its reference framework.

Groupe ADP increases its commitments at Group level. 

Groupe ADP has two charters signed by the parent company and the 4 main subsidiaries: a Group CSR Charter and a Group Ethics Charter.  
This initiative strengthens internal cohesion around the exercise of social responsibility and makes our directions clearer to our stakeholders. 

The CSR Charter is a framework document which will be expressed in additional charters and thematic approaches.  
The Ethics Charter
reiterates the fundamental principles which guide workplace behaviour (responsibility, integrity and respect for others). 

The Tax Policy of Groupe ADP
is focused on three main principles: the prevalence of economic activity, the fair taxation of operations and the control of tax risks

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