2025 Pioneers for Trust - Employer

To be an attractive and responsible employer

Our ambition is to appeal to talent and to retain employees by enhancing their careers and skills. We want to promote everyone's employment and we provide attractive salary packages based on the company's performance.

Our 3 commitments

Being an attractive group

We aim on recruiting new talent and retaining employees through skills development and career progression. The multiple functions and workplaces we offer constitute a unique environment.

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Actions to be an attractive employer

Provide a diversity of professions 

by offering opportunities for mobility in France and abroad.

Enhance employment potential

by professional pathways and development of new skills.

Adapt our remuneration policy

by the competitivity of our verified and adjusted remuneration compared to the market.

Key figures

professions (ADP SA)
22 269
Groupe ADP employees
146 608
training hours in 2021 (ADP SA)

Being a caring group

We focus on a real quality of life at work to ensure a better balance between private and professional life. Everything is done to support our employees in their daily lives to improve their performance and motivation.
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Actions to be a caring employer

Encourage well-being at work

by providing sports facilities and social areas at work.

Adjust attendance times

by using new ways of working, such as teleworking.

Offer a family policy

by giving employees priority access to inter-company nursery places.

Key figures

intercompany restaurants
days on average per month of telework
nurseries available (2 at Paris-CDG and 1 at Paris-Orly)

Being a committed group

We are committed in a concrete and ambitious way to encourage employment for all (young people, seniors, people with disabilities, etc.) and promote inclusion and diversity as well as gender equality.
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Actions to be a responsible employer

Promote diversity

by parity and inclusion on every level.

Facilitate job access

by apprenticeship and internships.

Support the integration of people with disabilities

by recruiting, by informing employees about disability issues.

Key figures

feminisation rate in 2021
of work-study students in 2021
employment rate of disabled people 2020