A word from the Chairman



f the 20th century was the era where associations prospered, have no doubt that, like in English-speaking countries, the 21st century will see the development of foundations in France.

Augustin de RomanetAfter its establishment ten years ago under the auspices of the Fondation de France, and 690 supported projects later, Groupe ADP has decided to create its own corporate foundation. A new team has been put together to face this challenge.

A major economic player in the Ile-de-France region, Groupe ADP is a committed partner, invested in the future and a reflection of our employees who are so involved in community and charity work.

The Groupe ADP Foundation must help build the world of the future. This is why I would like to support the way of life in the areas surrounding our airports, but also to increase the company’s community involvement by specifically supporting projects combating against illiteracy.

Groupe ADP is now a worldwide airport leader, therefore it’s important that our efforts are also seen abroad, especially in countries here we are renowned for our expertise.

Augustin de Romanet
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe ADP and Chairman of the Groupe ADP Foundation