Encouraging people to welcome the world

Every day, our airports provide passengers with a gateway to the rest of the world. Through its corporate foundation, Groupe ADP is trying to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from this access to the world. Because for us, our work as a citizen group involves striving to provide better access to knowledge and understanding.

Encouraging people to hand down knowledge, by improving daily life around our airports. By also encouraging local initiatives brought forward by associations and the authorities.

Encouraging people to learn, by working hard to combat against illiteracy in France and in the areas surrounding our airports. We want to make reading and writing the key to better social integration.

We want to encourage people to share across borders, by encouraging widespread development. We also want to share our common values around the world: confidence, innovation, commitment and openness.

Encouraging people to get involved, by supporting all the efforts of our employees who wish to develop and pass down skills. Also by sharing our professions, our expertise and our values.

This encouragement is what brings us all together, our group, our subsidiaries, our foundation and all those alongside us.

The Groupe ADP Foundation
United by encouraging people to welcome the world