Encouraging people to learn
    Because knowing how to read, write and speak is key to better social integration, the Aéroports de Paris Coporate Foundation is committed to helping those who have a long way to go.

    Projects supported in 2015

    Our foundation plans to develop community-based projects in the areas surrounding our airports which facilitate access to learning and knowledge. Here are some of the projects supported in 2015.

    ENSEMBLEThe “Together for human development” association

    The association aims to help and support people who are finding it difficult to integrate.

    To do this, it supports local dynamics and development by working on and maintaining social ties between residents of Villiers-le-Bel and surrounding towns. Solidarity and mutual assistance are at the heart of their work.

    The project helps its beneficiaries to integrate into society and to learn French through workshops with various themes (public institutions, work, family, landlords etc.).

    Find out more: epdh-ong.wix.com/epdh 


    Jeunes de Thiais Youth Club (CAJT)

    CAJT works towards reducing failure at school by holding free homework help and school support workshops from primary to secondary school.

    Supervised by volunteers from the association and teachers, these workshops take place throughout the school year through 2 weekly sessions last 90 minutes. A reading and writing workshop for young foreign newcomers has also been introduced for around ten young people.

    Run by a French as a foreign language teacher, he helps them to improve their oral and written French. The Foundation supports the development of these workshops.

    Find out more: www.cajt.fr

    Cle_logoClé – Count, Read, Write: “Help for Writing and Administrative Procedures”

    The goal of the organisation Clé (“Key”) is to support illiterate people in their efforts to get a job and function in civil society. It is available for people who live in Val-et-Forêt and surrounding areas...

    The organisation offers free services for relearning basic skills related to maths, reading and writing. The overall objective is to support learners and help them achieve their goals by allowing them to become more independent in their everyday tasks, especially for administrative procedures that require writing.

    Housing problems, workplace disputes, insurance companies and excessive debt are all areas covered that these people otherwise can’t confront out of fear of not understanding the expectations of the other parties involved. The free sessions are based on listening and transcribing on subjects that often require good advice rom experienced volunteers.

    The Foundation lends its support to Clé in order to promote the upkeep and development of its services. 

    Find out more about the organisation at http://clevf.org 

    centre-educatif-charles-peguy_logoCharles-Péguy “Here to Listen"

    In areas with majority-youth populations or where unemployment and job insecurity are rampant, this organisation offers the possibility for teenagers and their parents to come and share their concerns at two sites dedicated to listening to them.

    The Charles Péguy “Here to Listen” educational centres are committed to a participatory approach through specific workshops called “Youth Corners”, offered each week to youths after school and during school holidays. At the heart of Garges-lès-Gonesse and Sarcelles, the organisation encourages these teens to put words to their feelings through speaking and writing.

    By expressing themselves through workshops such as “Slam Corner”, “Rap Corner”, “Percussion Corner”, “Expression”, “Improv”, “Movies” et “Games”, which are meant to be produced or acted out in various ways, they can have fun and learn while they take a step back and get perspective on their future, thus promoting and giving meaning to their academic career.

    Along with a psychologist, a mentor and participants, young people can fully express, especially in the rap portion, how they feel as they complete the workshops, in which a theme is brought up at the beginning with a goal for the end. The workshops culminate in the participants performing for their parents and friends in mini shows, through audio and video recordings played on a computer, or by writing a book.

    The Foundation’s support will allow for upgrading recording software and computers, and it also funds a portion of the wages paid to the professional participants in the project.

    le-valdoco_logoValdocco – ERIAD Project

    The organisation Valdocco, founded in 1995 in Argenteuil, takes action aimed at prevention, education and employment for young people.

    The funded project, ERIAD (Espace de Remobilisation Individuel pour Adolescents en Difficulté), aims to provide an “individual re-mobilisation space” for troubled teens. Its goals are to:

    • fight against dropping out of school and support teens’ academic careers,

    • encourage preteens in middle school to stay in school,

    • help parents stay involved in their kids’ schooling.

    It involves different “actors” participating in the everyday lives of young people, such as the youths themselves, the parents, the educational team of the establishment, and social workers.

    The Espace OVAL thus offers them a space for mediation that aims to prevent academic failure, allows them to talk about their situation and mutual responsibilities, or targets the factors at play and proposes academic options. They meet with a pair consisting of a teacher and a social worker.

    Depending on the decision made, the youth may be offered either individual academic support or flexible out-of-school sessions during the school year for five or six weeks.

    Find out more about the organisation at www.levaldocco.fr