Encouraging people to learn
    Because knowing how to read, write and speak is key to better social integration, Groupe ADP Foundation is committed to helping those who have a long way to go. Our Foundation plans to develop community-based projects in the areas surrounding our airports which facilitate access to learning and knowledge.

    Projects we provide assistance with

    The Foundation has developed partnerships over the years with different organizations and local asssociations.

    coup-de-pouceCoup de Pouce Association – A partner to success at school

    The Association’s goal is to give every child, no matter what social or family background they come from, access to a successful schooling experience.

    In partnership with towns and the National Education department, the association implements prevention measures towards failure at school at an early age. This is known as “Le Coup de Pouce Clé” and starts from reading age, in preparatory classes.The association also provides free technical assistance to municipalities who have chosen to implement this system. Thanks to the commitment of the 33 Coup de Pouce Clé technicians along with almost 250 towns, the association trains, supports and manages the level of impact this activity has.

    Each year, over 6,500 local participants help around 10,000 children and their families. Closely linking school and parents, Coup de Pouce Clé has already helped 90,000 children at risk of failing school at an early age and has put 80% of them back on the right track towards success. In addition to the development of Coup de Pouce Clé and to meet the demand of its partners, the Association develops innovative solutions to strengthen its system of preventing failure at school at an early age.

    • The Coup de Pouce Clem (reading, writing and maths clubs): a research experiment on a programme targeted at 7-8 year old pupils which aims to prevent failure at maths and reading at an early age.

    • The Coup de Pouce Cla (language clubs): a research experiment on a programme targeted at 5-6 year old elementary pupils who don’t speak much. It aims to help them acquire language and to develop confidence in themselves. The support from the Aéroports de Paris Coporate Foundation will help strengthen and develop this system each year, open 32 Coup de Pouce clubs, that is 96 over 3 years in Ile-de-France and overseas departments.

    For more information about the association: coupdepouceassociation.fr  

    Lire-Faire-LireAssociation Lire et faire lire

    This association strives towards encouraging and developing all citizen initiatives that aim to promote and develop an appreciation for reading. Since 2000, through writer Alexandre Jardin’s initiative, volunteers over 50 years of age read to children in a more family- rather than school-orientated atmosphere.

    By reading short texts to children that are pleasant but with depth, they become familiar with narrative language, which will help them with their current and future social interactions. By addressing essential life issues, through simple stories, we are helping them to develop and grow. Meeting adults who like reading could be away of dealing with learning difficulties.

    The adults pass no judgement on the children; they develop self-confidence; a source of future personal, social as well as scholarly success. The feel valued by the goodwill action of the volunteers. With the current aim of guiding volunteers towards people who don’t read much, mainly in overseas areas, Lire et Faire Lire has developed the “Preventing illiteracy through fun reading” project.

    This project also addresses urban policies on educational success and social cohesion. The goal is to increase the number of readers and to reinforce volunteer supervision and training by refining their methods so that they can adapt to audiences from disadvantaged backgrounds. With this new way of thinking, the Aéroports de Paris Coporate Foundation has established a sustainable partnership with the Lire et faire lire association.

    For more information about the association: lireetfairelire.org  

    BEBE_LIVRE"Un bébé, un livre" project

    The "Un bébé, un livre” (a baby, a book) project aims to make young parents in almost 70 maternity wards across Ile de France aware of their child’s language development, combating illiteracy and the benefits of storytelling from the earliest age possible.

    This project is led by the speech language therapy union in Ile-de-France, the SDOP, in partnership with the Regional Health Professionals Union (URPS) of Speech Language Therapists in Île de France.

    Groupe ADP Foundation supports the "Un bébé, un livre" project by providing funds to purchase books for children from early childhood editors. These books have been given to parents by therapists in maternity wards close to our airports. In addition, they also received a booklet explaining language development.

    Find out more: www.infolangage.org/1bb-1livre.html 

    LIRE_EN-SORTIRAssociation "Lire pour en sortir"

    The association works towards reintegrating people in prison by reading through different tasks such as:

    - organising and managing a programme that reduces sentences through reading,
    - combating against illiteracy,
    - developing cultural activities involving books,
    - renovating prison libraries,
    - developing work in prison surrounding professions that involve reading,
    - reintegration through professional training in the book industry.

    The reintegration through reading programme allows for an additional reduction in sentence. To benefit from this, prisoners must participate in a cycle where they read and write up reading logs. An additional reduction in sentence will be awarded depending on the results of participants.

    This programme is open to all, whatever their reading or training level. This project aims to provide an integration method in a prison establishment. It also caters towards developing reading and writing skills essential for reintegration into society.

    Find out more: http://www.lirepourensortir.org/