Encouraging people to get involved

A genuine link between the charitable and business worlds, the Aéroports de Paris Corporate Foundation encourages and supports all Group employees who wish to get involved in projects of general interest.

In this regard, the Foundation allows them to get involved in associations or organisations that it supports through skills sharing. There are different ways of getting involved and this is carried out on a voluntary basis, during employee working hours. Employees are given the opportunity to share their experiences and their profession surrounded by shared values such as trust, courage, commitment, and openness.


Employees choose to work with a foundation-supported association by sharing their skills and expertise that are directly or indirectly linked to their professional activity within the company.

Skills sharing:

Employees provide a foundation-supported association with their technical skills and expertise as part of a specific one-off assignment.

Employees are also offered other forms of patronage such as solidarity days off or mentoring so that they can get involved in community activity.

The Foundation’s prizes:

During a specific period at the end of each year, the Foundation invites employees to participate in the Foundation Awards: the “Foundation’s Favourite” prize and the “Employees’ Award”.LOGO_PRIX_DE_LA_FONDATION

The “Foundation’s Favourite” prize

this prize is for all Aéroports de Paris employees who are personally involved in an association and aims to reward them for their commitment. It is also to give them the chance to make the Foundation aware of the association and for it to receive funding.

For the 2015 prize, two associations supported by employees received funding from the Foundation.

- The "AEVE Autisme Espoir Vers l'Ecole” Association, that works towards giving children diagnosed with autism as normal a social and school life as possible through intensive educative pedagogy (the 3i’s method).
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- The "Centrafrique sans Frontière” Association, for its efforts to help female AIDS victims and orphaned children in central Africa by building a women’s home. 
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- “The Employees’ Award”

means that employees can get involved by letting them vote for their favourite charitable initiative among those supported by the Foundation in the past year. The 2015 Employees’ Award was given to the Coup de Pouce association for its action programme on success at school for everyone.
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