Encouraging people to share
    The Aéroports de Paris Corporate Foundation is committed to sharing its societal values abroad in countries where they are renowned for their expertise. In this regards, it supports projects of general interest and those which, more specifically, help illiterate people acquire knowledge and learn the basics.

    Projects supported in 2015

    Here are some of the projects supported by the Foundation in 2015, in countries where Aéroports de Paris Group operates.

    Association Luciol'envol


    The association does a lot of work in aid of women in Togo, particularly in the Tchamba commune: helping girls get through school by awarding the most deserving, introducing these girls to IT, health and nutrition education, reading and writing for women etc.

    Due to the low amount of instruction from mothers who are illiterate for the most part, a permanent reading and writing centre was set up in 2013 for them. The aim is to make them aware that educating their children is important, while letting them learn about the world and strengthen their independence.

    Due to its success, the centre quickly found itself unable to meet the high level of demand. The Foundation supports the “Alphabus” project, proudly led by an employee of the Aéroports de Paris Group and the Chairman of the Association. This mobile reading and writing project involved buying and fitting out a utility vehicle. This will mean that the centre can travel throughout the Tchamba province, helping around 150 women who cannot access the centre because its too far away and also for schools in neighbouring villages.

    The bus will leave France equipped with documentary resources suitable for the intended audience from BIBLIONEF, a non-governmental organisation recognised by UNESCO, UNICEF and the Council of Europe working towards giving as many people as possible the opportunity to overcome ignorance and illiteracy. This is also supported by the Aéroports de Paris Company Foundation.

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    Entraide au Pompier du Monde Association


    The association helps and trains people working in civil security across the world to perform their duties: firefighting, emergency aid to victims, human and property protection, preventing and preparing for disasters.

    The association promotes this line of work in the countries where it operates while strengthening cohesion and maintaining social ties between all firefighters worldwide.

    An operation was carried out with Chilean firefighters last October. It was conducted by the Chairwoman of the association who is an employee of Aéroports de Paris. The main aim was to instruct small brigades deprived of training and equipment.

    The mission also tackled first-aid, starter fires, dangerous rescues and excavations at the San Javier fire station. 100 people were trained in 10 days: 80 firefighters in fire stations and 20 in small brigades.