Encouraging people to share
The Groupe ADP Corporate Foundation is committed to sharing its societal values abroad in countries where they are renowned for their expertise. In this regards, it supports projects of general interest and those which, more specifically, help illiterate people acquire knowledge and learn the basics.

Projects we provide assistance with

The Foundation has developed partnerships over the years with different organizations and local asssociations.

Fondation Béatrice Schönberg

The Béatrice Schönberg foundation aims to support education for girls across the world, especially in Morocco.


Many Moroccan girls live far away from schools and those from rural areas have to walk many miles to receive an education. Giving these girls access to education provides life opportunities for them and puts an end to their exclusion and in many cases, their enslavement.

Once educated, they can hand down their knowledge to the generations to follow and gain, not only an insight into their future, but also into that of other girls who will follow in their footsteps. The Groupe ADP Corporate Foundation is providing financial support for the construction of a centre based in Morocco. Here, around 40 young girls between the ages of 11 and 18, living in the Atlas villages will be able to receive a secondary school education that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This project for the centre is led locally by the “En route pour l’école” association. This is a Moroccan association which aims to let girls isolated in the High Moroccan Atlas follow their school curriculum by building boarding houses near secondary schools and by ensure they operate effectively.

Thanks to this project, young Moroccan girls can pursue their education in favourable conditions for their development and that will ensure their studies go well.

Find out more about fondation Béatrice Schonberg : fondation-beatrice-schonberg.org 



Biblionef, established in France in 1989, is a non-governmental organisation recognised by UNESCO, UNICEF and the Council of Europe. Mr Jean Orizet, writer and founding editor of Cherche Midi, presides over the association.

Hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers across all the continents will not have prosperous futures because they do not have access to books to read. According to the UNESCO statistical institute, 897 million people around the world are illiterate and 126 million children of school-going age aren’t in school. Of course, providing for nutritional and health requirements is a priority in underdeveloped countries.

However, their future also depends on access to education and culture, two essential conditions for individual learning, social integration and economic development. Biblionef’s goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to overcome ignorance and illiteracy which lead to poverty.

Biblionef’s fixed objectives include: 

• Providing underprivileged children with brand new and new books that, from their childhood right through to adolescence, will give them a better understanding of the world they live in. Through pictures and words, these books will help them to build the educational basics and to gain awareness that every human has the right to. 

• Adding book donations to the book chain, as an essential addition and not as competition. In many countries, donating books remains the only possible means of intervention. 

• Outlining specific needs depending on the destination, establishing strong ties with partners (French Embassies, Alliances françaises, local Ministries for Education and Culture, National Libraries, public reading library networks, NGOs, foundations, associations etc.) 

• Collecting new books due to collaboration with editors and distributors, editing certain selected titles, designing or adapting works. 

• Transporting donations and ensuring that they and their evaluations are monitored, through libraries, associations, educational and cultural centres, under the supervision of qualified and trustworthy local correspondents. 

• Getting involved in promoting Francophonie through a selection of high quality books, comics, fairytales, literature in all its forms, encyclopaedias and well-illustrated books to allow children and teenagers to read and dream in French. 

The Groupe ADP Corporate Foundation has set up a three-year partnership with Biblionef to develop projects in geographical zones where the group is involved such as Morocco, Mauritius, Madagascar etc.

Find out more about Biblionef : biblionef.com