Encouraging people to hand down knowledge
We are committed to supporting the way of life in the areas surrounding our airports (Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget) by improving the daily lives of community residents.

Projects supported in 2015

Our foundation works alongside local, socially-orientated associations who encourage social development and improve community life. Here are some of the projects supported in 2015:

Val de Marne Emergency Assistance (AUVM)

Since 2001, AUVM, an emergency housing association, has been highlighting the contradictions and pitfalls in the social emergency system which stigmatises and demotivates more than allowing for integration. Our Foundation is helping AUVM, with the assistance of the Mayor of Orly, to renovate a building known as “La Ferme Marais” based in Orly with the purpose of providing shelter for those in high risk situations.
For more information about the association: www.auvmvaldumonde.com 


Naître à Delafontaine

The association works with the Foundation on the construction of an advice and guidance centre for female victims of all types of violence. This is combined with the availability of treatment from the hospital.


Passeurs d'Arts

The association aims to provide access to music training. Children and teenagers discover social and educational values through group work and under zero social discrimination. They learn to play the instruments made available to them and form a brass ensemble.
Find out more about the Passeurs d'Arts association: passeursdarts.org 

passeurs d-art-logo

Ma caméra chez les Pros Association

Ma Caméra chez les Pros works with secondary school students from working-class or rural areas who have selected the 3-hour Professional Discovery Programme (DP3). This programme lets them plan their course choices, training and professional future with particular consideration for fields of work and future professions in their region.
Find out more: www.macamerachezlespros.fr 


Maison des Jonglages Association

The primary goal of Maison des Jonglages is to make everyone aware of the current richness and diversity in the art of juggling. Residents in certain ZUS areas in La Corneuve have little access to artistic outlets where girl and boys can thrive and meet up.

This intergenerational project, which takes place mainly on Wednesdays and during school holidays, provides people from various backgrounds with a new perspective, an opportunity to develop a new outlook on this art and their town, La Courneuve.
Find out more: maisondesjonglages.fr 


La régie du pays de Meaux Association

Mainly involved in the Meaux vicinity and its surrounding areas, the association works towards finding employment for local residents and people who fall under the social and professional support category with the aim of finding long term employment.
Find out more: www.regiedupaysdemeaux.fr 

Lycée professionnel Arthur RIMBAUD, Garges-lès-Gonesse

This project involves getting dropout students back on their feet and giving them confidence in themselves and in the institution through drama.


ACTA Association for "Theatrical Audiovisual Creation"

For the past 22 years, the ACTA association has been creating and putting on shows for young people in France and abroad. In 2004, ACTA created the “First encounters: child creativity” Festival, a European festival held every two years in Val d’Oise for very young audience members under four years old and their accompanying adults.

This project, supported by the Foundation in Val d’Oise and more particularly in Villiers-le-Bel, involves the development of cultural activities through various workshops for very young children, their parents and accompanying adults.
Find out more: compagnie-acta.org 


Aulnaysien Institute of Cultural Development

The Jacques Prévert theatre and cinema, a major cultural landmark in Aulnay-sous-Bois, hopes to develop a programme suitable for disabled people, especially the blind and hard of hearing. This involves the live show and cinematic programmes. The Aulnaysien institute would also like to provide a suitable reception area, tools and specific facilities, in order be more accessible to these people and encourage them to come.  


La Fabrique numérique de Gonesse

Implemented in the Gonesse municipality, the “Fabrique Numérique” is a personal and professional training and reintegration programme using digital technology. It is designed for young people between 16 and 25 who left the school system prematurely and without a qualification.
Find out more: www.fabnum.org 


Foot d'Elles Association

The Foot d'Elles association wants to “dribble the difference” and aims to develop and promote ladies football in France, and in turn fostering diversity based gender equality principles.
Find out more: www.footdelles.com 


Clos Saint-Lazare/Cité Jardin Area Management in Stains

Involved in social economy and charity work, the Clos Saint-Lazare/Cité Jardin Area Management is an association which groups together numerous partners and stakeholders. The association’s role is to restore social cohesion in the area.


IDEES Association

Managed by the IDEES association (Graduate Initiatives for Education and Employment in Sevran), “Near Narratives” is a project which provides for the specific needs of Sevran and the Terres de France urban area. It also addresses societal issues in this area. This is an artistic project that people can join where writing and digital technology is developed in a public space. The aim is to get participants to express their interest and to catch their attention while improving their command of French through technology. This is done in a fun and dynamic way.
Find out more: www.ideesevran.fr 


Réussir Moi Aussi Association

The association wants to provide as many people as possible with innovative support to integrate professionally or to guide them through their career path. The Foundation supports setting up support workshops for secondary school students from disadvantaged areas, to prevent dropouts and to instil them with a work ethic.
Find out more: www.reussirmoiaussi.fr 


CRE Association – Essonne Rehousing Collective

The CRE protects the universal meaning and principle of the right to housing. The project in question involves a 12-month experiment where the entire emergency housing chain in Essonne is examined (night shelters/115 hotels/CHU) and to establish direct access to 24 long-term accommodation units for 24 households.
Find out more: http://www.cre91.fr 


Knowing how to Learn/Exploradôme Association

To improve educational success, Exploradôme has developed an easy to follow pedagogical programme to have an interactive, intuitive and sensory learning approach to the sciences.
Find out more: www.exploradome.fr 


Portes de l'Essonne Cultural Centre: “Banc public”

Organised by the Portes de l'Essonne cultural centre, “Banc Public” is a project where young people from 15-25 are filmed doing activities related to current issues, allowing them to deepen their thinking processes.
Find out more: www.centreculturelportesessonne.fr