Disseminating ethical culture

Ethics and compliance are defined as the respect for laws and regulations as well as the Groupe ADP values. This framework is in place to protect both the company and its employees. The dissemination of this culture is key to developing trust among all stakeholders.

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Documents and reference sites

A unique code of conduct
The Group's alert system
The 2021 vigilance plan


Promoting preventive and protective ethical behaviour

Our Ethics and Compliance policy is based on a change in culture, applied at all levels of the company. Its aim iss to protect Groupe ADP and its reputation.

We provide training and awareness raising to all employees on a daily basis, as well as those individuals most at risk, on how to question practices* (gifts, invitations, etc.) so as to detect and prevent the various risks.

We assess our partners upstream through the constant monitoring of best practices* in business relationships, by anticipating and dealing with conflicts of interest, and ensuring their commitment to our Ethics and Compliance principles.

Code of conduct

* We have established 7 procedures / practices, relating to gifts & invitations, conflicts of interest, responsible lobbying charter, assessment of third parties, use of intermediaries, sponsorship, and due diligence.


Measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of the Ethics and Compliance programme

Key measurement tools and controls allow us to strengthen and continuously improve our Ethics and Compliance programme.

The ethical climate barometer measures the level of ethical culture within Groupe ADP. We notably use it to monitor the reputation of and level of trust in the whistleblowing system.

We also use a variety of levers to combine risk prevention, controls and the roll-out of this culture: through risk mapping (corruption, human rights, etc.), key internal controls and, finally, through close collaboration with the Audit and Risk Management and Internal Control Divisions.


 Anticipating new ethical issues

We have set up an Ethics Committee whose members include qualified external individuals such as a philosopher and a former Director of Ethics for a large company.