Principles of the programme

Our Ethics and Compliance Program is developed and managed jointly by the Ethics and Data Protection Department and the Legal Affairs & Insurance Division. It is founded upon the following major principles: 


    Exemplary management
    Every member of the Executive Committee has agreed to roll out the Ethics and Compliance Programme throughout their scope of responsibility in an engagement letter to the Chairman.


    Independent and accessible contacts
    The Ethics and Data Protection Director of Groupe ADP reports directly to the CEO. The Ethics and Compliance Contacts have been appointed at the subsidiaries and report to senior management. They are available to all employees by request.


    The spread of an Ethics and Compliance culture
    Groupe ADP formally established codes of conduct based on common rules to follow, illustrating them with best practices, things to be aware of and prohibited behaviours.

    Each of the Group’s employees is further encouraged to adopt best practices via e-learning. Awareness-raising measures are deployed, the populations at risk receive ad hoc training.


    A whistleblowing system
    During the program’s roll out, all employees are encouraged not to take on difficult situations by themselves. Their primary contact is their manager. 
    As soon as deemed necessary, employees can reach out to their Ethics and Compliance Contact directly.
    The whistleblowing system is accessible at all times from the intranet or on the internet by clicking on the following link:


    Prevention and detection
    Ethics and Compliance risks are included in the Group's risk map.

    Corruption risks are regularly mapped and action plans are put in place to use best practices on a daily basis. These procedures safeguard against the major risks to which Groupe ADP is exposed, notably corruption, bribery, invitations, conflicts of interest, facilitation payments, third-party evaluations and more. They are disseminated and accessible to all employees via the intranet. 
    In addition, security checkpoints are established to detect incidents and ensure that the program is properly rolled out.


    Monitoring of the program’s progress at the meetings of the following
    • the Executive Committee: monthly point
    • the Social and Economic Committee, notably regarding the whistleblowing system
    • the Board of Directors and its Audit and Risk Committee and the CSR Committee: information biannually
    • For the subsidiaries, specific monitoring is carried out by the Boards of Directors on which ADP sits.

Ethics and Compliance