Whistleblowing System 

As a reminder, the first points of contact when faced with a delicate situation are managers. If you cannot talk to them, you should report any ethics and compliance issues that you have encountered via the whistleblowing platform: https://alert.groupeadp.fr

The whistleblowing system is available to all of the Group’s employees as well as our suppliers and subcontractors. 

A charter describes how alerts are processed and explains the rights and obligations of all.
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This charter describes how whistleblowers are protected based on the following points:

Protection of the person’s identity and the details throughout the processing of the alert; and

Protection of the whistleblower during processing and after the close of the procedure to avoid any reprisals.

As a reminder: Any attempt to hinder an alert is a criminal offence (which can result in up to a year’s imprisonment and a fine of €15,000 ).

Ethics and Compliance