Employee involvement

A commitment we share with our staff

Including mentoring, sponsorship or Congé Solidaire®, we encourage all of our staff to get involved, according to their preferences and availability. These shared commitments are living proof of our group’s values: confidence, innovation, commitment and openness.

More than 600 employees
were involved in a mission with a partner association since 2016

Helping everyone to get involved according to their possibilities


We propose a variety of support options for those Group staff keen to take part, in line with each person’s pace and availability.

  • Sponsorship: supporting an organisation over the long term during your working time, acting as an interface with the Foundation by sharing your skills and know-how with the association.

  • Le Congé Solidaire®: being involved full-time in an international mission performed over the space of two weeks during your holidays, with the same partner organisation.

  • Mentoring for schoolchildren - United Way – l’Alliance: aproviding support for schoolchildren at risk of dropping out of school, during your working time.

  • Mentoring for employees: providing support in your free time for employees who have difficulties with reading and writing, to help them master basic skills

  • Senior patronage: carefully prepare for the end of its career by contributing its attributes, know-how and skills to a nonprofit organisation while remaining a company employee.

  • Salary rounding: supporting a nonprofit organisation by donating the cents of its salary every month.


    José Sebbah, involved collaborator and sponsor of CLE association shares his experience. Testimony of José Sebbah

    Showcasing all initiatives


    Each year we also organise the Foundation Prize, a scheme designed to showcase and support the community-spirited commitment of Groupe ADP’s staff. Each staff member has the possibility to raise awareness among their co-workers of the missions and activities of the association in which they are involved. A digital platform is made available for several weeks, on which they can post and promote their association’s project. The only condition is that this project should be in the public interest (solidarity, health, the environment and education). Four prizes are awarded, including financial support from the Foundation.



  • The Staff Awards: after a period of voting during which employees can participate, three prizes are awarded to the three projects attracting most votes.

  • In 2020, the laureate associations are:

    - Futur avec Elles's association:
    - Stop aux violences sexuelles's association:
    - Halo d'espoir's association


  • The Board’s Choice Award: this is awarded by the Foundation’s executive board after examining the projects presented by staff.

    In 2020, the favorite prize was given to the association ADOT91: