Giving Tuesday: giving is part of everyday life for Groupe ADP employees

An important day for spreading awareness about donations and nonprofits, Giving Tuesday is now being held for the second time in France. It's an opportunity for the Groupe ADP Foundation, committed to education through illiteracy and school dropout prevention, to present the actions demonstrating that giving is part of its everyday life. And most importantly, the life of Groupe ADP employees.  Overview.

Giving Tuesday is a global campaign which, every year, highlights generosity and mobilises millions of people to become socially involved. It enables individuals, organisations and communities around the world to meet around a common goal: celebrating and encouraging giving. The idea is to devote one day to giving in all of its forms: money, time (volunteering), blood, food, items, etc.

Giving is part of the everyday life of the Groupe ADP Foundation and, most importantly, the life of Groupe ADP employees, who can choose from several options for contributing to the work of supported organisations:


Salary rounding, which allows them to financially assist recognised nonprofit organisations that have committed to presenting a charity project clearly targeting identified needs.

Skill sharing, by using their skills and know-how to help organisations during their work or personal time.


Collections organized for the supported projects: collection of books for Biblothèques sans frontières and Lire et faire lire, school supplies for Ecoles du Monde, uniforms for La Cravate Solidaire, toys for Rejoué, and more.


When salary rounding, employees can support the organisation of their choice from the following options:


Jeunes Talents

The organisation Jeunes Talents organises concerts and educational activities to help young, talented musicians and singers at an early stage in their careers become professionals and give everyone access to classical music.


Zéro Waste France

Zero Waste France analyses and explains the challenges in managing trash and waste: overconsumption of resources, pollution and social and economic implications. The organisation also educates people and other stakeholders about the solutions and methods they can use to address this issue. 


Aviation sans Frontières

Every year, around the world, Aviation Without Borders brings hundreds of children in need of emergency care to Europe for surgery, transports basic necessities to impoverished populations and escorts people who have obtained the right of asylum to their new host country.

In France, Aviation Without Borders works with 19 flying clubs to allow socially isolated young people and people with disabilities to discover the world of air travel. In total, Aviation Without Borders responds every day to twenty needs for humanitarian aid throughout the world.


Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement

Since 1988, accessible housing has been the goal of the members of Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement, which helps people facing housing insecurity.

Le Fonds pour les soins palliatifs

Le Fonds pour les soins palliatifs (Palliative Care Fund) supports the development of innovative projects on improving the quality of life of critically ill patients, whether in palliative care units, hospitals, homes or medico-social settings.