6 new projects supported by the Groupe ADP Foundation in 2021

Each year, supporting various projects that promote education by preventing school drop-out and combating illiteracy, both in the Paris region and in foreign countries in which the Group operates, the Groupe ADP Foundation is supporting 6 new projects this year. Here is a little bit of information about each of them.



The Pépita association helps to create, promote, manage, organise and develop programmes, projects and social, cultural and educational arts events. These include workshops, live shows, films, educational and social projects that are connected to the promotion of education, integration and culture in France and abroad

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Le sens de l'école:

Le Sens de l’Ecole is a public interest association whose objective is to ensure that no child misses out on an education, and that all individuals are able to flourish and develop their full potential at school.

Their mission is to help children change their mindset so as to see school as an opportunity for positive transformation, both for themselves and for the world as a whole.

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Lecture jeunesse:

Reading, writing, and expressing yourself to reach your potential as a citizen of the world of tomorrow. Because inequalities are increasing between young people, and because illiteracy, digital illiteracy and dropping out of school are not inevitable, Lecture Jeunesse fights against cultural inequalities to contribute to the education of our future citizens.

In France and all over the world, Lecture Jeunesse develops projects that aim to improve the reading, writing and speaking skills of all adolescents and provides training to those supporting them. Their impact is based on the synergy of our 3 pillars: expert observation, training, and action.

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Le cube - Art 3000:

Opened in 2001 as France’s first dedicated digital creation centre, Le Cube is today one of the most renowned centres of this type in Europe. Firmly of the belief that digital technology is a powerful vehicle for empowerment, the centre explores and cross-references the different aspects of digital creativity, social innovation and technology.

Every year, Le Cube organises more than 200 workshops and events which are open to all. Through these events, more than 3,000 artists from the international scene, both well-established artists and up-and-coming talents alike, have been introduced to audiences seeking cultural renewal.

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The Makadam association works in conjunction with the Lire pour en Sortir association, already supported by the Groupe ADP Foundation, to offer prisoners opportunities for contact with the outside world by meeting new people. Above all, they are given a chance to express themselves and expand their horizons; in prison, relaxed opportunities for dialogue are rare. Makadam mainly focuses on art and drawing, but the range of possibilities is vast. Art and culture are universal languages.

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ABC Domino:

ABC Domino’s goal is to carry out humanitarian work designed to improve the living conditions of populations in extreme situations, particularly in the field of education.


Its goals are to:

- help this disadvantaged area benefit from its expertise
- help ensure children get an education, thus offering them the means to acquire knowledge and to envisage a better future for their country, and
- give its employees the opportunity to be involved in a humanitarian project shared by their company.

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