Biblionef fights poverty by promoting access to literacy

More 18 000 books distributed on the African continent
Madagascar, Guinea, Morocco

The findings


Although meeting nutritional and health needs is currently the priority in disadvantaged countries, their future and long-term development requires access to education and culture. However, according to UNESCO, in 2015 some 14% of the global population was illiterate and 58 million school-age children receive no education throughout the world. Biblionef was founded in 1989 to combat illiteracy, which creates and perpetuates poverty.


Thanks to these books, which are generally new, Biblionef is creating libraries all around the world, where requirements have been identified. The projects on which we work together are chiefly focused on a younger audience, who now have the means to access French literature and language.
Laure Kermen-Lecuir,
General Representative of the Groupe ADP Foundation

Biblionef's  mission


An NGO recognised by UNESCO, UNICEF and the Council of Europe, Biblionef seeks to provide local assistance for hundreds of millions of children and teenagers who have no access to books and reading, all around the world. Groupe ADP supports the activities being carried out in Madagascar, Guinea and Morocco, all countries where the Group is present.


These activities take several forms:


- Providing disadvantaged children with new and almost-new books

- Publishing certain books and designing or adapting others

- Forwarding and tracking donations of books through libraries, associations, education and cultural centres, in partnership with local correspondents

- Encouraging book donations as a vital supplement to the publishing sector and not as a competitor.


Through books, Biblionef encourages children and teenagers to expand their imaginations and to gain a better awareness of the world around them, along with the possibility to acquire valuable knowledge.