Coup de Pouce prevents early school failure in reading and writing

The findings


More than 100,000 children each year get to the end of their first year at school with such reading difficulties that, at the age of 7, they have lost virtually any chance of succeeding at school and acquiring basic knowledge. With this in mind, the Coup de Pouce association acts in partnership with towns and the French Department of Education to prevent early school failure in reading and writing, and social exclusion as a result of it, through spin-off reading clubs called Coup de Pouce Clé (Clubs de lecture et d’écriture).  

Coup de Pouce

I like going to the club to read, play reading games, listen to stories, write, and make up my own stories and poems. After that, it’s easier for me at school. I’m also learning lots of things, I’m getting better at reading and writing, and I’m not scared to talk any more.
Coup de Pouce Clé club

Coup de pouce's mission


The programme offers first-graders free extra lessons four evenings a week, with games to reinforce their basic skills and give them self-confidence. The action is also aimed at parents, who are often far removed from the school culture themselves, to give them the keys to support their children in their education. Each year, 6,500 fieldworkers help nearly 10,000 primary school children and their families in 250 towns in France.