Ecoles du Monde improves school conditions for learners

The findings


In Madagascar, the weaknesses of the educational system means that children have to walk for kilometres to get to school. This is the case in the village of Besely, where the NGO Ecoles du Monde opened a pilot school in 2014 with its own library and theatre. 

Located 50km from Majunga (in the north-eastern part of the island), the school has over 120 pupils, from kindergarten to 3rd year of primary school, who can, in addition to traditional subjects, also learn English and French. They also have chess lessons.


Ce projet est important aux yeux de la Fondation du Groupe ADP, car il permet aux habitants des villages isolés en brousse de prendre en main l’éducation de leurs enfants. En cela, nous partageons avec Écoles du Monde les mêmes valeurs de développement et d’engagement sur les territoires où le Groupe ADP opère, dans le respect des cultures locales.
Laure Kermen-Lecuir
Déléguée Générale de la Fondation du Groupe ADP

Ecole du monde's mission


Ecoles du Monde now strives to improve the children’s schooling conditions to build further on their first encouraging results. The Groupe ADP Foundation is supporting the project with the building of a canteen, an indispensable facility that will allow the children to stay at school for lunch and assure that they get healthy, sufficient meals, which in turn is a key to better health and paying attention in class.