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Le Bal is committed to promoting documentary photography

The findings


Interacting with pictures and understanding their meaning through analysis and critique is a way for them to regain confidence in their own acute judgement. The programme in reading and decoding images allows them to reflect on pictures that are exhibited, projected or published, as well as those that they experiment with themselves. Co-built by educational teams and teachers, the “Mon Œil!” project is conducted during school hours.



We went with Estefania to the town archives. I didn’t know this place at all. We saw loads of old pictures there, and learnt a lot about the history of the neighbourhood. I look at the town through different eyes now.
Eleventh-year pupil
Lycée Jacques Brel, Choisy-le-Roi

La mission de Le Bal


As a venue dedicated to document images founded in 2010, Le Bal strives to promote documentary photography through cultural and educational actions. It does this notably with the “Mon Œil!” project launched in 2016 for high-school learners from town policy neighbourhoods. The idea was born from the observation that these young people suffered from a lack of expression, despite being very creative.