Lire pour en sortir turns literature into a vector for reintegration

The findings


Prisoners are invited to choose a book from a list of over 200 titles, to then reflect on their book and also think wider. They do this with the support of volunteers from the association, and can even obtain a reduction of sentence for it. 

The association also organises cultural activities in prisons with prominent guests from the literary world. These events are an opportunity to share and talk about a book that the prisoners have read beforehand. To date, the programme has had over 3,500 reader-inmates in the 21 prisons where it is offered. 



Reading is a new pastime for me. It gives me the chance to escape through books, and to forget about the bars that lock me in.
Se Arras

Lire pour en sortir's mission


Reintegrating prison inmates through reading That is the goal that Lire pour en sortir has set for itself. The association goes to prisons where it turns books into a vector for reintegration.