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Paris Mozart Orchestra brings teachers in a variety of disciplines together

The findings


With its programme called “Orchestre Au Bahut” (“orchestra at my school”), the Paris Mozart Orchestra association gives middle- and high-school pupils in the Priority Education Network who have little access to culture, the chance to perform, meet, work together and communicate on an equal level with professional artists, musicians and actors in an annual multidisciplinary co-production that combines music, literature and visual arts.

The choice of the commissioned and interpreted works and the educational set-up are established in concert with the music advisers of the Academies of Créteil and Versailles. 


We’re lucky to have this orchestra in our school. It’s not because we come from 93 [the Northern suburbs of Paris] that we’re not entitled to enjoy this culture and passion.
Final-year vocational high school pupil,
Lycée Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot

Paris Mozart Orchestra's mission


Each year, this co-production brings teachers from a variety of disciplines – music, literature, foreign languages, graphic arts, history and geography, theatre, civic education, physical training, etc. – together in each establishment.

The project, which is original and innovative from an educational point of view, encourages a social mix and the use of creative resources.