school dropout

Passeurs d’Arts reconciles pupils with the learning process

75 pupils involved / hours’ teaching per week
Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val d'Oise)

The findings


Without support or encouragement, a pupil struggling at school can quickly lose confidence in himself and become isolated from the other pupils. However, a pupil’s success isn’t dependent only on his academic results but also on his degree of integration and personal self-fulfilment. To achieve this, sporting and artistic activities are a vital means of expression, which some associations use to good effect to accompany the other disciplines forming part of the educational programme.



What I find absolutely marvellous in the Passeurs d’Arts approach is the musical angle used to give children the enthusiasm to learn and to prevent them dropping out of school. In these band classes, they’re not asked to get great results in the subjects taught at school but simply to assume responsibility for an instrument to make a success of a collective and individual musical project.
Laure Kermen-Lecuir
General Representative of the Groupe ADP Foundation

Passeurs d’Arts's mission


The Passeurs d’Arts association uses music as a means to prevent pupils and students from dropping out of school. Since 2014, the idea has been to run a symphony orchestra on a long-term basis with pupils from the same school, with the orchestra being renewed each year thanks to the arrival of new younger pupils and the departure of older ones, who go on to high school.

It’s a very complete and very demanding educational programme: For 6 hours a week, the youngsters meet up and together learn to play the instruments made available to them. At the same time, they all receive training in percussion instruments.

The workshops are run by multi-skilled musicians, specially trained to provide group classes. The need to make an effort, to provide mutual assistance and to respect others are all key values taught during these sessions. The learning process ends with the end-of-year concert, celebrating the improvement in the youngsters’ musical skills and behaviour.