Our missions

We are committed to education

Our airports are a gateway to the rest of the world. We want as many people as possible to benefit from this outward vision. That is why each year, through our Foundation, we support some fifty projects pertaining to education, the fight against illiteracy, and the prevention of school drop-out.

of the population (2.5 million people) are illiterate
learners drop out of their first year of primary school each year, without learning to read and write

To help everyone to succeed, we act from early childhood to adult age


Prevent and fight exclusion
Prevent illiteracy from early childhood on adnd help illiterate adults to regain basic skills and become self-reliant again.
Fight school drop-out and failure
Secure the most vulnerable schooling backgrounds to give the learners in question the desire to learn again.

With the subventions allocated by the Foundation, nearly 500 people have been able to secure their leaning path.

Thanks to our partnership with the Groupe ADP Foundation, we are able to act unfettered and confident in the future of our educational and cultural missions.
Dominique Pace
General Manager of Biblionef

The Groupe ADP Foundation around 3 principles

Local action to have a closer impact on the needs in a region. In France, in the Ile-de-France departments located near our Paris airports. Abroad in countries where Groupe ADP is present.
Co-built action to have a stronger, ongoing impact through long-term partnerships with associations.

Action that involves our employees to encourage and support their commitment to the community through skill sponsorship in their work or free time.