2025 Pioneers for Trust - Governance

Develop a culture of responsibility and ethics

To ensure our sustainable development, we involve our employees and raise their awareness of the extra-financial aspects of our activities in France and abroad by associating our external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers

Our 4 commitments

Disseminating the Ethical & Compliance culture

Promoting a culture of ethics and compliance is crucial if we want to build trust among all employees and external partners, as well as foster respect for the company's values. On a daily basis, we deploy all the levers to protect both employees and the Group's interests. 

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Actions to raise awareness of Ethical & Compliance principles

Impulse ethical reflexes to prevent and protect

by training employees, disseminating codes and procedures...

Measure the performance of the E&C programme

by an annual barometer of ethical climate, risk mapping and key controls

Anticipate new ethical issues

by setting up an ethics committee made up of internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the culture is properly disseminated.

Allow alerts to be passed on

by involving managers, a dedicated network and access to an alert system.

Figures to remember

(source: Ethical Climate Barometer 2022 )

of employees are aware of the ethical and compliance actions taken by Groupe ADP
of employees believe that Groupe ADP protects their personal data
of employees know about the alert system

Promoting local and responsible purchasing

We encourage local and sustainable purchasing and develop partnerships with our suppliers to jointly define CSR objectives. 
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Actions to develop local and sustainable purchasing

Decarbonising our purchases

by greening our fleet of vehicles or using photovoltaic solar panels...

Committing our suppliers

by complying with labels and ISO standards that meet our environmental requirements and by developing sustainable relationships with our suppliers.

Buying locally

by developing a network of suppliers and territorial anchorage allowing the development of partnerships with local SMEs.

Reducing our environmental impact

by collecting and recycling our equipment.

Key figures

of local purchases, including 20% from SMEs, by 2025
of working hours by employees on social integration contracts, i.e. €50m from ADP SA
spent on purchases from the disability sector

Providing positive and respectful hospitality

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of hospitality and service to all our travellers, while respecting their cultures and being ecologically responsible.
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Actions to deliver the highest standards

Ensure the safety and security of our airports

by implementing sanitary measures and working closely with the national authorities.

Make access to the airport easier

by smoothing processes at the mandatory stages of travel.

Guarantee the control of time

by digitalising our tools and our operational model.

Provide an original travel experience

by fitting out prestigious and adapted shops and services.

What we aim to achieve

score to be achieved in ACI/ASQ* departure satisfaction
Top 10
in the Skytrax* ranking for Paris-CDG and 4 other airports in the Top 100

*ASQ: Airport Service Quality - *ACI: Airports Council International - *Skytrax: star rating programme for airports around the world

Involving all stakeholders to build the airport of the future

We seek to disseminate a shared CSR culture to all our employees, to encourage the integration of extra-financial dimensions into the management and growth of our activities and to involve our stakeholders.
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What is the Stakeholder Committee?

The Stakeholder Committee is made up of 16 independent experts from the biodiversity, aviation, climate, finance, employment and airport development sectors. It thus provides an international vision for the Group's strategic orientations and makes recommendations aimed at strengthening our ability to anticipate the transformations of our activities and our ecosystem.

Our actions to involve all stakeholders in building the airport of tomorrow

Hold meetings of the Stakeholder Committee

by setting up quarterly sessions.

Reinforce our ecological, social and societal commitment

by assessing our extra-financial performance every two years and building the associated progress plans.

Spread our CSR strategy to the whole group

by making new collective commitments and setting up exchange processes between the group' s airports.

Key figures

of employees to be trained in CSR
times a year at least, the Stakeholder Committee meets
CSR factor at least must be included in the remuneration of employees