Design the airport of tomorrow

Sky view Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

SMART AIRPORT, the intelligent infrastructure.

Smart airport, or intelligent infrastructure, is a concept coming from the ideas of smart citysmart building, and the factory of the future.
The challenge is focused on data and the sharing of information between the various stakeholders of airport operations in order to optimize operational performance and quality of service .

Smart city: an airport is no longer just a place for waiting and passing through; airports now give travelers the experience of actually being “in the city” with spaces for gathering, entertainment, customized information, etc.

Smart building: optimize the operation of the airport (thermal comfort, lighting, etc.) with the deployment of thousands of sensors in our facilities. 

Factory of the future: management on a daily basis of industrial processes such as the handling of thousands of pieces of luggage that come through our airports each day.

Our Projects

  • Our Previous Tests

    Security lab

    Security lab

    Security is a no-compromise issue. Airport authorities must adapt quickly to new legislations which imposes new processes or the use of new technologies. At the same time, they must maximize comfort and fluidity. Groupe ADP plans to set up a "Lab" area over the course of 2016 to test new procedures and new equipment which are not used today. The aim is to implement them in real-life situations. This testing area would be a place for collaboration among the various players of airport securiered a unique platform to 20 start-ups specializing in the travel and tourism sector to present their offers, products, and ideas during a fantastic one-day workshop in Terminal 2F of Paris Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport, which sees over 40,000 passengers go through its terminals every day. The event took place on 19 October, demonstrating a new departure to strengthen the links between Groupe ADP and the airport ecosystem, encourage innovation, and support the emergence of new services for the smart airport experience of the future. First prize in the event was tickets to the CES in Las Vegas in January.

    Immersive environments

    Immersive environments

    Since early 2015, the Innovation team has invited employees and visitors to enjoy an immersive 360° experience at the Paris headquarters. This installation was tested by visitors at Groupe ADP booth at the Futur en Seine 2015 digital festival. The enthusiasm following such an experience encouraged the Innovation team to set up 360° immersive video environments in boarding areas in 2016 for the passengers.

    Automatic translator

    Traducteur automatique

    The Innovation team keeps on looking for an reliable automatic translator, which would be efficient in a sound environment, in order to better assist our clients in their travel.

    WIFI in shuttles

    Wifi dans les navettes d'aéroport

    A trial scheme during the first half of 2014 offering WIFI on shuttles linking up the terminals was technically conclusive. This is why Groupe ADP will offer WIFI service on board all of the new buses currently on order. By offering free WIFI on board its transfer shuttles, Groupe ADP will guarantee a "connected" stop-over for all its customers by offering them the chance to browse the internet or use the My Paris Aéroport application to obtain information on flights or services at any time.

    Smart lighting at plane parking stands

    Eclairage poste avion

    Groupe ADP and Amsterdam-Schiphol are jointly carrying out a trial scheme (at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and in Amsterdam) on intelligent lighting at airplane stands. LED technology is gradually replacing high-pressure sodium projectors to light up the tarmac. Its performance allows precise and instant control of lighting. It is now possible to control the lighting for airplane parking stands depending on the various phases of the airplane treatment process. This helps to reduce energy consumption and to improve working conditions for staff around the airplane, while still meeting security and safety standards.



    The first of its kind in the world! Two major airports organized together a Hackathon in June 2015. Students and young freelance entrepreneurs developed applications to provide passengers new services, dealing with all the passenger experience. Paris Aéroport is now working with the teams to move their project forward in order to launch it in a close future.



    Flows of passengers through terminals are very dense. All these people pass through a series of control points (check-in, border control, security, boarding, etc.). Inaccurate plannings may generate saturations which impact punctuality and customer satisfaction. Groupe ADP has tested and launched a range of technological solutions such as camera counting and boarding pass scanning. Other trials are currently set up to improve the handling of passenger flow in order to plan better, to understand passenger behaviour and to make an efficient use of our resources. For the purpose of traceability issue, WIFI technology is currently being tested in some Paris-Charles de Gaulle terminals.



    Groupe ADP is experimenting with beacons solutions for various use cases. A POC was carried out in 2014 for the public with the mobile application My Airport (My Paris Aéroport since April 2016). It involved sending contextual orientation and information messages to passengers. Beacons have also been installed in the Business area at Paris-Orly Ouest to promote networking. A trial scheme was conducted in 2014 for operational teams to improve services provided to people with reduced mobility or disabilities. These beacons helped to pinpoint the location of each customer-agent pair, which led to major gains in efficiency for staff assignment. Link-ups also allowed Groupe ADP to carry out precise monitoring on the quality of this service.

    "Find my transport" kiosks

    Find my transport

    Groupe ADP has set up interactive kiosks in its terminals to give information about transports. Simple and user-friendly, they allow passengers to find the mode of transport that best matches their situation and their expectations. The trial scheme began in Paris-Orly's Ouest terminal in 2013 with three kiosks that were used over 20,000 times in the first three months. Since then, the service has been rolled out in Paris-Orly Sud and Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

    Mobile tool for customer advisors

    customer advisors

    A specific mobile tool has been developed for Groupe ADP commercial agents, who used to be based at a counter. They now move around the terminal meeting customers and providing them information. The tool PRIMA MOBILE gives them access to the entire database of information (flights, services, transport to leave the airport, etc.) in order to provide each customer customized, relevant and comprehensive information.

    3D operational visualisation tool


    Views of field operations and real time visions are essential to anticipate situations which might deteriorate and to react before they happen. Because of the huge scale of terminals, human presence is not possible everywhere. This is why a specific mobile tool has been developed through a trial scheme. It allows operational managers to use tablets with an augmented 3D view of all the installations where data are essential: passenger counts and waiting times at control points, detailed information about each flight, surveillance camera reports, electromechanical availability (lifts, escalators, etc.) This tool is also collaborative: it allows users to communicate much more quickly than by phone. VASCO is being used at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle.