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Groupe ADP is the living lab of tomorrow's travel experience

« Groupe ADP will be at CES for the first time, and the only airport player, accompanied by three startups with whom we have a partnership: Interactive Mobility, Sensego and In our Innovation program, we jointly develop the airport of the future, offering startups a living laboratory, and opening up horizons for those looking to export.

The future passenger experience starts with the smart airport: simplified, customized and seamless. »

Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP.

Groupe ADP, who are we?

Three complementary Parisian airports

Groupe ADP builds, develops and manages airports, including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget.In 2016, the Group handled more than 97 million passengers and 2.2 million metric tonnes of freight and mail at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, and more than 42 million passengers in airports abroad through its subsidiary ADP International.

The Group is also pursuing its strategy of adapting and modernising its terminal facilities and upgrading quality of services; the Group also intends to develop its retail and real estate businesses.

A global airport operator

Groupe ADP keeps opening its borders, covering every aspect of the value chain, from finance to design and operation of the airport.

International footprint

• 70 years of airport experience
• 3 main airports owned and
operated in the Paris Region
• 1st group on the whole airport
value chain
• 26 airports managed worldwide
in 2017
• 245 million group passengers

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Our Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub program uses a systemic approach focused on three mail pillars: Open, Connect, and Invest. This cross-functional approach strives to imagine news solutions, to disseminate a culture of innovation throughout the Group, and to trial and implement new products, services and operating modes.

OPEN: focused on propagating a culture of innovation and establishing an ecosystem of partners (incubators, academics, competition hubs, think tanks, etc) with a dedicated Innovation Area located at the heart of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.

• 20 events per year
10 themed conferences
450 start-ups
15 trial per year
3 equity investments in 2017
5 partner incubators
15 experimentations per year

CONNECT: The purpose is to create partnership to test, adapt and roll-out new products and services within Groupe ADP.

INVEST: created to take minority stakes in companies in order to establish strategic partnerships through ADP INVEST, the €16 million internal fund. ADP Invest provided funding for Pacifa Decisions, Egidium Technologies and, more recently, Safety Line - a French company that analyses data for the aviation and aeronautics sectors. Groupe ADP also serves as underwriter for three complementary external funds: X-Ange Capital 2 (SIPAREX), Cathay Innovation and Ellaia Delta.

Our Innovation Program

• Develop a smart infrastructure, a digitalised airport
• Reinforce the offer of personalised services in order to create a unique experience

• Develop new services and improve connectivity
• Optimise both the connections between the city and the airport and mobility within the platform

• Implement solutions of automation process that meet the business challenges
• Re-think the passenger experience through new technologies

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Our startups partners at CES

Groupe ADP keeps pursuing innovation in partnership approach with startups, to make possible the emergence of the smart airport.

Our startups partners at CES 2018

Interactive Mobility
develops entertainment solutions based on streaming within the mobility field, in order to make each travel experience unique. More information about Interactive Mobility

Sensego detects, on average 10 days before booking, that a client is preparing his next holidays, and thus is able to propose a personalized offer at the time he needs it most. More information about Sensego tries on a daily basis to offer each passenger a qualitative journey, smooth and seamless, through operating a great quantity of data originating from factories and facilities, based on artificial intelligence. More information about

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Zoom on 5 innovation cases

1. Electric Scooters are shaping a new way to move for our employees

Electric scootersAllow employees to have a scooter to facilitate their moves within the terminals, this is what the innovation Hub program did thanks to an initiative launched in 2016 with the French start-Up Electric Mood.

The challenge was to provide scooters to the employees, to facilitate their movements within the terminals. These electric transporters are able to handle quickly and completely the different levels of our terminals. Above all, they improved the visibility of our employees for customers and convey a modern image of the Group.

2. Airport Start-Up Day, one day to pitch in our French Airports for specializes travel and tourism startup

Groupe ADP helped 20 start-up specializes in travel and tourism business to turn their ideas, concepts, into a fantastic workshop in the French Airport Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle which welcomes 40 000 passengers per day.

The event which took place the last October 19th, was a new step to strengthen the links between Groupe ADP and its ecosystem, and support the emergence of new services that will lead the smart airport experience in the future.

The Big prize of the event was to attend to the CES in Las Vegas in January.

3. Groupe ADP and DSNA Services (Air Navigation Service Provider) present Hologarde, the comprehensive solution for long-distance drone detection

Groupe ADP and DSNA Services, a subsidiary of the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), decided, in a partnership, to combine their expertise to create the Hologarde project, where the aim is to co-develop a drone detection system that can be adapted to all sensitive sites.

Hologarde system incorporates three types of technology (radar, radio frequency and HD video) in a single control center and can detect any type of drone up to five kilometres away. It was installed for testing at Paris-Le Bourget Airport during the International Paris Air Show. Once the drone is detected, it is monitored in real time with a camera through the control center available on PCs and tablets.

Groupe ADP and DSNA Services are currently supporting work to manufacture Hologarde on an industrial scale and to develop countermeasures compatible with the airport environment.

4. Play Your Airport Challenge, a global innovation contest introduce by Groupe ADP to imagine the airport experience of the future

Groupe ADP launched the global challenge "Play Your Airport" last June. This open innovation initiative allowed students, businesses, travellers and the group's employees to reinvent the airport experience with one common goal: creating the airport of the future.

Each community were guided by themes that Groupe ADP has identified such as the city within the airport, the passenger experience, smart terminals and the "zero environmental impact" airport.
The winners will be announced in February 2018.

The prize will be tailored to each individual community: The winning student team and travellers will receive plane tickets for a trip around the world. Businesses will receive up to €40,000 in funding and support for a project in the experimentation phase. Employees will receive a study trip to the Silicon Valley.

5. Electric Self-Driving Car Experimentation in Groupe ADP Corporate Office in Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Groupe ADP and its Innovation Hub program will shortly launch a six month self-driving car service experimentation around its Corporate Office.

The vehicle is able to determine in real time and whatever the weather, position and relative speed of other vehicles or obstacles thanks to its laser beam radars. Its also allow the vehicle to accurately model in 3D the environment around it, so that it moves safely.

The experimentation will last for six months from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. It will allow employees to take a ride from the railway station to the corporate office on a 600 meters course.

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