Groupe ADP's Stakeholder Board:
an open and productive dialogue on the strategic issues

Set up in 2021 and including 16 external experts from different backgrounds, the Stakeholder Board aims to open a free, honest and fruitful dialogue on all of Groupe ADP's strategic issues. It is a forum for debate, alerting and ultimately making recommendations.


Stakeholder Board: to put the expectations of our stakeholders at the heart of our strategy

The Stakeholder Board is an opportunity to engage a regular and fruitful dialogue with stakeholders representing a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. The committee enables Groupe ADP to discuss transformation issues and take into account the major trends that will be useful in its long-term strategy.

Its recommendations are used to feed into the annual risk mapping process, to challenge the group's ranking of CSR issues, to provide input for strategic orientations and to strengthen the ability to anticipate changes in both the Groupe ADP's business and its ecosystem.

The committee members are experts in public opinion, social dialogue, biodiversity, climate, aeronautical research and airport economics.

They are representatives of the world of sustainable finance, airport employees, passengers, elected representatives of airports, airlines and other airports, as well as students, specialists in air transport or committed to ecology.

All 16 members of the Stakeholder Board

Anne-Romaine de Grandmaison, Member of the collectif Pour un Réveil Écologique

Sergio Alegre Calero, Director General of the Airport Regions Council (ARC

Alain Battisti, Chairman of the french Fédération Nationale de l'Aviation Marchande (FNAM)

Olivier Boucher, Director of Research at CNRS and climatologist at the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute

Pierre-Guy Cosimi, General Secretary of the Syndicat National du Transport Aérien et des Aéroports (SNTA) CFDT

Stéphane Cueille, CEO of Safran Electrical & Power

Myriam El Khomri, Former Minister, Director of Consulting at SIACI Saint Honore

Max Hirsh, Managing Director Airport City Academy

Olivier Jankovec, Director General, Airport Council International (ACI) Europe

Christian Mantei, Honorary President of Atout France

Chloé Morin, Associate Expert, Jean Jaurès Foundation

Khanh Nham, Member of the Passenger Community of the Aéroports de Paris Group

Simone Pichot, Student at the French National Civil Aviation School

Amandine Roggeman, Member of Les 150

Hélène Soubelet, Director of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity

Philippe Zaouati, Managing Director of Mirova

We have setup our "raison d'être" [purpose] in 2020 "to welcome passengers, to operate and to imagine airports, responsibly and throughout the world", in order to reaffirm our commitment to the service of our stakeholders and the sustainable transition of air transport. This board brings together a wide range of personalities, whose expertise and experience will enable us to better adapt Groupe ADP to the coming major changes.
Augustin de Romanet
Chairman & CEO of Groupe ADP

Whitepapers: to enhance collective thinking

The Stakeholder Board is convinced that a number of debates, reflections and recommendations, born inside the Board, can be useful to a wider audience and so, it has decided to share some of their reflections beyond Groupe ADP, by launching whitepapers.

Each whitepaper, produced by the Board members, explores a new aspect of how to improve the social and environmental performance of the platforms, and how to ensure the sustainability of the business model.

In concrete terms, the purpose of the Board is to enhance collective thinking on sustainable development at air transport industry level; to stimulate dialogue between Groupe ADP and its stakeholders, beyond the circle of board members; to contribute to the convergence of environmental and financial objectives through the example of Groupe ADP.

The first whitepaper focuses on a key driver of hub emissions: ground access.

The document highlights how passengers and staff travel to and from the hub and gives five key strategies for reducing emissions on the ground.

Read the whitepaper