Groupe ADP unveils its new "Extra&Ordinary" advertising film

Groupe ADP unveils its new advertising and corporate film named Extra&Ordinary. Created by the Artefact 3000 French agency and Groupe ADP, this 2-minute film conceived in the spirit of a super film production, pays tribute to the men and women, employees of the group who make it possible for planes and passengers to fly but who do not fly themselves. For each of these often-unsuspected skills makes possible what has become ordinary over time, but which remains extraordinary: flying. 

Making the invisible visible
With Extra&Ordinary, Groupe ADP highlights the remarkable contribution of its employees, at every stage of the journey, to keeping millions of passengers flying. But it also highlights the transformation underway in the airline sector to meet the demands of the energy and environmental transition.

Epic style, fast tempo, easy storytelling and a great cast of collaborators

To do this, Artefact 3000 and Groupe ADP created a film that takes us into the little-known daily lives of the dozens of professions that workday and night at the airport to ensure the safety and quality of the passenger experience.

It is a father who tells his daughter what he does every day, without really realising how exceptional it is: architects, engineers, security agents, IT specialists, firefighters, platform agents, runway electricians, housekeepers, hospitality agents... All these professions are embodied on screen by some fifty group employees: the film is as close as possible to the extraordinary reality of an airport's activity, made possible by heroes who make it possible for people to fly, but who don't fly themselves. 

Go behind the scenes of the filming

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  • For those who still look at things through children's eyes...

  • ... but expect strong commitments from us to decarbonise our activities.

  • Celebrating the expertise of the entire group's employees.

  • A commitment to illustrate the way in which the airport leads the transformation of the aviation sector.

  • Because Groupe ADP is an industrial flagship with exceptional know-how!

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    Living the aviation dream while remaining on the ground
    Extra&Ordinaire is a polyphonic portrait of a French industrial and service flagship, which in Paris is the gateway to France for tens of millions of travellers. Through this film, Groupe ADP wishes to highlight the commitment of its 22,269 employees working in 28 airports worldwide.

    A film that embodies the Groupe ADP's cultural approach regarding collaboration with young French artists

    The film is directed by the Original Kids - a duo of filmmakers from the Paris region - and is accompanied by music by Gaspard Augé - a big name on the French electro scene. 

    The film has been broadcast since the evening of 10th April, on French TV, digital and cinema, in different formats: 2 minutes, 30, 20 and 15 seconds.