Notification of crossing of statutory shareholding threshold

Pursuant to article 9 of Aéroports de Paris's articles of association* (French text), any person (individual or legal entity), acting individually or in concert and holding directly or indirectly, in accordance with article L. 233-9, 1% or more of Aéroports de Paris's share capital or voting rights is required, no later than the close of trading of the fourth trading day following the crossing of the threshold counting from the registration of shares making it possible to reach or exceed this limit, to notify us the total number of shares and voting rights so held.

In addition, this person must also inform us, in his letter declaring that limits have been exceeded, of the specifics outlined in the 3rd subparagraph of article L. 233-7 l of the French Commercial Code.

This declaration must be repeated under the above conditions each time another 1% threshold is reached or exceeded, both upwards and downwards, for whatever reason, up to the 5% threshold provided for within article L. 233-7 of the French Commercial Code. When the aforementioned 5% threshold is exceeded, a declaration must be made under the same conditions as set out above each time another 0.5% threshold is reached or exceeded, both upwards and downwards, for whatever reason.

Our articles of association stipulate that in the case of non-compliance with this obligation to declare a crossing of threshold, the shareholder or shareholders concerned lose the right to vote relating to the stocks crossing the thresholds subject to declaration, where one or more shareholders holding at least 3% capital or voting rights of Aéroports de Paris*.

To inform us that these statutory threshold(s) have been crossed, please complete and return the document available for download below, by registered letter with return receipt.