Shareholder's guide

How can I participate in the General Meeting?

  • Eligibility to participate in the General Meeting

    All shareholders can attend the General Meeting and can be represented by another shareholder or their partner, can vote remotely or can authorise the President of the General Meeting.

    To personally attend the General Meeting or to be represented or to vote remotely, you must prove you are a shareholder.


  • Procedures to take part in ordinary or extraordinary general meetings

    In accordance with Article R-225-85 of the French Code of Commerce, all shareholders are entitled to take part in ordinary or extraordinary general meetings subject to account postings of the securities in the name of the shareholder or the intermediary registered on the account on the third business day preceding the meeting at midnight Paris time, either in the accounts of registered securities held by the Company (or by the representative) or in accounts for bearer shares held by the official intermediary.

    Accounting registration of securities in bearer share accounts held by the official intermediary is recorded by an attestation provided by the intermediary, as an attachment to the form for remote voting or voting by proxy or to the official admission drawn up in the name of the shareholder or to the account of the shareholder represented by the intermediary registered.
    If you wish to physically attend the General Meeting, you just need to make a request by returning the voting form:
    - this can be either to the BNP Paribas Securities Services for registered shareholders,
    - or to the financial intermediary for bearer shareholders.

    You will then receive your admission card.
    Requests should be sent to BNP Paribas Securities Services - GCT Services Emetteurs - Les grands moulins - 9 rue du débarcadère - 93 761 Pantin Cedex.
    If you have not requested your admission card, you can still participate in the General Meeting by presenting a participation certificate drawn up by your financial intermediary, proving the accounting record of your shares and a piece of identification.


  • If you would like to vote remotely, resolution by resolution

    You need to return the signed voting form having checked box B and filled in the corresponding section in the part "I will vote remotely".

    Holders of bearer shares can obtain the voting form from their financial intermediary who will be responsible for sending it, accompanied by a certificate of participation proving the registration of shares and returned to BNP Paribas Securities Services.

    The shareholder who has voted remotely will no longer have the right to participate directly in the meeting or to be represented there.


  • If you wish to be represented at the General Meeting

    Simply complete the voting form and return it to BNP Paribas Securities Services using the prepaid envelope (for registered shares) or to the intermediary who manages your securities account (for bearer shares) who will forward the document along with a participation certificate evidencing the accounting registration of your shares
    This form allows you to:
    either you submit it to Chairman of the Meeting by signing the voting form, who shall then issue a vote on your behalf in favour of adopting the draft resolutions presented or approved by the Board of Directors and a vote against in the opposite case,
    or you can be represented by another shareholder or by your partner by checking box B and the corresponding box in the section "I hereby appoint" and providing the necessary information.

    Under no circumstance can the shareholder return the voting form specifying both a proxy vote and a remote vote.
    The voting form must be signed and dated.
    All shareholders that have already voted, requested their admission card or requested a participation certificate can sell all or part of their shares at any time. If the transfer occurs before the third business day preceding the General Meeting, it is the account holder's duty to notify the company or its representative of the sale.


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