Other publications 2020

Departure of Vinci from ADP's Board of Directors
Groupe ADP announces the unanimous signature by the representative trade unions of a collective mutually agreed termination agreement
Groupe ADP takes note of the decision of the majority of the representative trade unions not to sign all three agreements
Groupe ADP announces the extension of the HubLink alliance with Royal Schiphol Group
Groupe ADP initiates negotiations with trade unions
Availability of the amendment to the 2019 Universal Registration Document
Termination of the 2016-2020 Economic Regulation Agreement (ERA) and nullity of the public consultation document for the 2021-2025 ERA
Groupe ADP announces the signing of an agreement by TAV Airports for the acquisition of Almaty airport
Update items concerning the Combined General Meeting of the Shareholders
Information concerning the credit rating regarding Aéroports de Paris
News release - 2019 Universal Registration Document
Coronavirus: Groupe ADP engages an operational and financial optimization plan
Groupe ADP takes note of the ART's opinion on the WACC and does not share its assumptions nor its conclusions

With the acquisition of 49% of the Indian group GMR Airports, Groupe ADP creates the leading global network of airports 

Groupe ADP acquires 49% of the Indian group GMR Airports
Investissement GMR Airports
Conference call: Thursday 20 February 2020, 06:00 pm (CET)
Replay of the analyst conference call
Groupe ADP performs the first step to acquire a 49% stake in GMR Airports, Indian airport operator
Closing under modified conditions of the second part of the acquisition of GMR Airports