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Aéroports de Paris shares


  • Share capital

    As of the date of this report, the Company’s share capital totalled €296,881,806, divided into 98,960,602 fully paid-up shares of the same category, with a par value of €3 each. No changes were made to the share capital in 2018 . Shares in Aéroports de Paris have been traded on the Euronext Paris (compartment A) under the ADP symbol since 16 June 2006.


  • Overview

    •  ISIN code: FR0010340141

    •  Ticker symbol: ADP

    •  Stock market: NYSE Euronext Paris (sub-fund A)

    •  Market: CAC NEXT 20

    •  Total number of shares: (following the exercise of the over-allotment option) 98 960 602

    •  Market capitalisation on (12/31/2017):  16,4 Md€

    •  Indices: SBF 120, CAC Mid 60

    •  ISR Indices: Aspi Eurozone and ESI Europe.

    •  Eligible to the Deferred Settlement Service (SRD) and the Shares Saving Plan (PEA)


  • How can I become a shareholder?

    To purchase shares in Aéroports de Paris, you must hold a securities account and go through an approved intermediary to the Paris Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext Paris): this is the case of banks, brokerage firms, and also online brokers.

  • Breakdown of capital on 31 december 2018

    Aéroports de Paris - capital 2017


  • How do I place an order?

    To formulate a stock market order, you must specify:

    References of the securities account

    The purpose of the operation: buy or sell

    The name of the value and/or the ISIN code (Aéroports de Paris: FR0010340141)

    Number of securities

    Type of orders: market orders, limit orders etc.

    The validity of the order: orders without a specified validity limit remain valid until the last day of the calendar month. With the Deferred Settlement Service, orders are valid until the settlement date.


  • The different types of stock orders

    There are three types of stock orders:

    Limit orders
    You fix a maximum purchase price or a minimum sales price (limit). The order is executed only when the price is less than or equal to this limit for buying or greater than or equal to this limit for selling.
    Example: If your current maximum purchase is 60 euros, while the share price will not be less than or equal to 60 euros, the order will not be executed. 

    "Best limit" order
    You have not specified a price. The order will be executed at the best available price when it enters the market, for purchasing as well as selling.
    Example: you place an order at market price at 11.30. If the best offer is 62 euros, the order is executed at 62 euros.

    The "market" order
    No price limit for this order. In return, this order takes priority over all other types of order. Its execution is always complete.
    Example: you place a purchasing order of 30 shares. In the order book, the best limits from sellers are:
    - 10 securities at 60 euros, 
    - 20 securities at 62 euros.
    Your order will be executed at these prices.


  • The cost of Stock Orders

    The cost of a Stock order depends on your financial intermediary. 
    There are different types of fees which include brokerage and VAT (currently 19.6%).

  • Custodial fees

    If you a bearer shareholder, you pay your custodial fees, billed annually by your financial intermediary.

  • Contract notes

    When your order is executed, you will receive your contract notes from your financial intermediary. This summaries the conditions for the execution of your order.


Being a shareholder

  • Shareholder's rights

    Being a shareholder means owning a part of a company's capital. In this respect, you enjoy fundamental and equal rights for all. Aéroports de Paris guarantees its shareholders access to all information likely to interest them: financial information or any information relating to events which are likely to have notable repercussions on the share price.

    The right to receive dividends
    A dividend is the share of net income distributed to shareholders. The amount is proposed by the Directors after consulting the Board of Directors, and voted by the shareholders at the General Assembly, after approving the annual accounts. The dividend is attached to a share and paid within 9 months of the year end.
    To receive a dividend, you simply need to own a share on the day of its payment. The dividend is paid in euros directly to your bank account..

    The right to participate in managing the company: participating and voting at the General Meeting
    All shareholders, regardless of the number of shares they hold and their form of holding, are entitled to attend the General Meeting and to exercise their right to vote.
    See the section "What is a General Meeting?" .

    The right to participate in capital transactions
    When capital increases, and upon the decision at the General Meeting, shareholders may benefit from a preferential subscription right (share capital increase in cash) or a right of attribution (issue of bonus shares for a share capital increase by incorporating reserves).

  • The different forms of shareholding

    Holding bearer shares
    The name of the shareholder is given to the company only when the company requests it in connection with an Identifiable Bearer Share (TPI) and when authorised by the laws of Aéroports de Paris. 
    The securities are managed by your financial intermediary who will invoice you for management fees.

    Holding registered shares
    This form of holding allows Aéroports de Paris to identify you and to establish personal contact with you.
    The securities are then managed by your financial intermediary. The intermediary notifies Aéroports de Paris that your shares are to be registered. The shareholder enjoys easy, personalised access to the General Meetings. However, the shares are not exempt from custodial fees

    Pure registered shares
    The securities are specifically listed in the Aéroports de Paris registers.

    Advantages of pure registered shares

    Savings on management costs: exemption from custodial fees and certain ongoing management costs (transfer fees for securities and to bearer, fees linked to securities transactions and to payment of dividends etc.)

    Personalised information: all shareholders are personally monitored and will receive their account statements, their transaction notifications and a tax statement. They also receive any information relating to the group's financial transactions.

    A personal invitation to the General Meeting: each shareholder receives a notice of call to meeting no fewer than 15 days before the meeting date. This notice includes the texts of the resolutions proposed to the Meeting, a postal voting form and an admission card request.

    To register your pure or administered shares, call free on 0 800 101 800.


What is a General Meeting?

  • Why have a General Meeting?

    The General Meeting is the representative body for shareholders. 
    As a shareholder, you can participate in all the decisions made by voting on resolutions. It is also an ideal time to meet and converse with the managers of Aéroports de Paris and to become informed about the results and the group's prospects.

    There are different types of General Meeting:
    Ordinary (OGM): this took place 6 months after the closure of the financial year. It presents detailed information about the company's activities and results, accounts approvals, dividend payments and appointments to the Board of Directors or Statutory Auditors.
    Extraordinary (EGM): this can be called at any time to make a decision involving an article amendment.
    Combined (CGM): this combines an ordinary general meeting and an extraordinary meeting.2/3.

  • Find out about the General Meeting for bearer shareholders

    Aéroports de Paris will publish a notice of meeting in BALO at least 35 days before the planned date, stating the meeting agenda and the draft resolutions. A call to meeting notice will be published in BALO at least 15 days before the meeting date.
    Information will be available in the category "General Meeting"on this site, on the BALO website, on the French financial markets authority website or by calling free on 0800 101 800.

  • What are the operating rules for the General Meeting?

    The quorum: To deliberate validly, the Ordinary General Meeting must collect 1/5th of the shares on the first meeting. No quorum is required on the 2nd meeting. For an extraordinary General Meeting, the quorum is ¼ of the shares on the 1st meeting and 1/5th on the second meeting.

    The majority rules: For an Ordinary General Meeting, the resolutions are adopted by simple majority (50%) of the votes (present or represented). For an Extraordinary General Meeting, the resolutions are adopted by the majority of 2/3.



  • Individual Shareholders Department

    A dedicated team is available to answer your questions by mail, phone or email.


    Guillaume Maczkowiak
    Aéroports de Paris
    1, rue de France - 93290 Tremblay-en-France

    The free number "Shareholders" is at your service
    The free number 0800 101 800 (free calls from landlines) is available from Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 18.00 for all information regarding Aéroports de Paris.
    You can find out the Aéroports de Paris stock price and news via the voice server. 
    For all other information, you can be put in touch with a member of the Shareholders Department.

  • A dedicated space online

    A complete area for shareholders on the site You can obtain, in real time, the Aéroports de Paris share price as well as a shareholder agenda, the necessary information and the documents relating to the General Meeting and the information meetings and also a presentation of the group and its news. You can also consult the press releases and easily download the group's financial documentation and publications.

  • Information meetings

    Aéroports de Paris has chosen to regularly meet its shareholders for information meetings which tale place in Paris and large provincial cities. These meetings will be announced in the shareholder's agenda in your dedicated area on the website , or by calling free on 0800 101 800.

  • Information documents available to shareholders

    All documents can be downloaded on the site or requested on the freephone number 0800 101 800.
    The annual and interim results are published in the financial notices of the economic and financial press.
    The company's press releases (quarterly revenue, monthly traffic figures etc..) are available on the company website or on the French financial markets authority website (

    Contact employee shareholders
    Free number: 0800 095 095



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