Published on 18/12/2020

Groupe ADP mobilises for the transport of future vaccines against Covid-19 

Groupe ADP, acting through its entire Cargo community at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, Europe's leading airport for air freight activities, united within the ACFA (Air Cargo France Association), is preparing for the supply and distribution of future Covid-19 vaccines, once they are authorised and ready for distribution.

ACFA, a professional association bringing together all the Cargo operators at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (airport platform, forwarding agents, handlers, express operators and airlines), as well as State services such as the Prefecture delegated to ensure the safety and security of Paris airports, DGDDI (Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Duty) and DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), has begun work and reflection to identify the main actions to be taken to ensure an exemplary airport in the supply and distribution chain for future Covid-19 vaccines.

Working groups are on the ground and the entire supply chain is highly mobilised, as they have been since the beginning of the crisis, when cargo activities have made it possible to transport the trade flows essential to the continuity of the country's economic life (medical materials and equipment, foodstuffs, parts and components for industry, etc.).


Paris-CDG, a secure and first-rate logistics hub ideally adapted to these operations

Thanks to the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) or Pharma CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) certifications, many Paris-Charles de Gaulle operators already guarantee safe treatment that complies with the strictest standards in the pharmaceutical sector. A major asset when the whole world is waiting for approval from the health authorities to launch vaccination campaigns against Covid-19.

Millions of doses of vaccine are expected to be transported via airport platforms equipped with devices able to ensure the rapid and safe flow of these shipments. 

Thanks to the excellent facilities dedicated to the cold chain, Paris-CDG is a safe, first-rate logistics hub, perfectly adapted to this unprecedented operation. Future vaccines requiring a very low storage temperature (-70° or even -80°) will be transported in specific containers that guarantee their protection. The objective being that the vaccines spend as little time as possible on the platform, no new installation or additional refrigeration equipment is required.

CEIV Pharma and GDP certifications in brief

CEIV Pharma certification is delivered by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to companies able to respond to the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers.
It guarantees that facilities, equipment, operations and personnel comply with all national and international standards, regulations and directives to protect the integrity of temperature-controlled and time-sensitive products, including vaccines, until their final destination.

GDP certification is delivered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It applies to the distribution, supply, storage and transport of active pharmaceutical materials and other materials used in the production of medicinal products.

The Cargo City of Paris-CDG, an asset for the delivery and shipment of vaccines

The Cargo City of Paris-CDG is the largest in Europe: approximately 300 hectares in a single block and 700,000 m² of cross-dock warehouses with direct access to aircraft. 

In addition, with more than 3,500 m² of specialised warehouses for the storage of temperature-sensitive products between +2° and +8°. 

Cargo City in brief

Two keywords: improve and increase performance

ACFA, like Groupe ADP, mobilises all the actors in freight and logistics to improve and increase the level of performance in the handling of vaccine flows.

The two main keywords are the rapidity and the security of the flow of goods as well as the cold chain.