Published on 05/02/2021

Groupe ADP launches the Airports for Trust charter for a greener airport industry

23 airports belonging to Groupe ADP, out of a total of 27 that currently make up the world's leading airport network, signed the Airports for Trust charter last January. With this charter, the signatories - TAV Airports, Airport International Group, Liège Airports, ZAG, Nuevo Pudahuel and Ravinala Airports - announced their common ambition to closely build an even more sustainable and responsible airport industry. 

One of the common ambitions of all Groupe ADP airports is to be a leader in environmental protection by being exemplary in their field of action and by taking further initiatives to extend their policy to the entire airport value chain.

Four major ambitions for the planet

Carbon neutrality by 2030
Paris Aéroport has already reduced by 71% its CO2 emissions per passenger over the 2009-2019 period. Outside France, six of the group's airports (Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Delhi, Hyderabad and Amman) have already achieved carbon neutrality as part of the ICA Airports Carbon Accreditation of ACI (Airports Council International).
Environmental Transition for the Airline Industry
Paris Aéroport is already working for the arrival of alternative sustainable fuels and hydrogen-powered aircraft, to enable the advent of carbon-free aviation by the middle of the century.
Integration of the Group's airports into a system of local resources
Promote short routes by encouraging the circular economy and developing the production of resources on site: geothermal heat network in France, solar panels in Bodrum, etc.
Reduction of the environmental footprint
Sober design, low carbon construction and renovation of infrastructures and building.

The "Airports for Trust" charter embodies a common vision of the future of our airport industry. At a time when air transport as a whole is facing some of the hardest challenges in its history with the fight against global warming, it can seize this opportunity to reinvent its industrial model in depth, and imagine and apply more efficient and responsible processe. For Groupe ADP, this means reducing its carbon footprint and strengthening ties with local stakeholders. Groupe ADP and its partners are already world's leading airport network and, with the signing of this charter, we aim to become the world's first sustainable airport community.
Augustin de Romanet
Chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP

An initiative in support of local actors

The 23 airports signatories of the Airports for Trust charter have agreed on the need for a harmonious and sustainable territorial foothold for the airport.
Ultimately, it is a factor of innovation and collective performance that will lay the foundations for a "win-win" relationship with the local populations, particularly young people, as well as the entire airport community.

In concrete terms, the signatories commit themselves to 4 themes:

1 - Be an active contributor in the improvement of the living conditions of local populations an in the noise exposure reduction.   
2 - Build a long-term relationship of trust with the territories and local stakeholders.
3 - Spread the benefits of the airport activity for local communities (particularly in terms of training integration and employment).
4 - Federate the airport community and act together to maximize the positive impacts of airport activity.

The strength of Groupe ADP network

As members of the world's leading airport network, the 23 signatory airports consider that their social and environmental responsibility is not only limited to their teams, passengers, customers, suppliers and airport industry players, but also concerns all stakeholders in the countries where the group is present.

Despite the biggest crisis in the history of air transport, Groupe ADP and its partners are convinced that this period can make it possible to build a more sustainable and responsible future, and thus restore the confidence of citizens, through resolute action to serve the environment and territories.

The Airports for Trust charter is fully in line with the purpose adopted in 2020 by Groupe ADP.

Welcome passengers, operate and imagine airports, responsibly and throughout the world
Purpose of Groupe ADP