Published on 25/03/2021

Hydrogen chain:
Groupe ADP launches a call for expressions of interest  

Groupe ADP is fully conscious that hydrogen will revolutionise how airport infrastructures are designed and operated. It has therefore launched a call for expressions of interest (AMI) to build a hydrogen industry at its airports. The objective is to explore all the possibilities provided by this source of energy in order to develop the future "hydrogen hubs" in view of the decarbonisation of air transport by 2035.

Building and unifying an airport ecosystem 

This is a strong message just as the issue of decarbonisation of air transport is becoming part of the public debate. As part of Airbus' "Zero Emission" programme, which should result in the first hydrogen-powered aircraft (short and medium-haul) entering service in 2035, Groupe ADP, with the Paris Region, and through Choose Paris Region, Air France-KLM and Airbus, is part of a global strategy for energy transition undertaken by the French aviation industry and supported by the European Commission. This open innovation initiative is a founding moment to start a technological breakthrough on the entire hydrogen value chain within the airport ecosystem.

H2 hubs: 3 major areas of reflection

This international call for expressions of interest is aimed at all stakeholders: major groups, SMEs, start-ups, as well as the academic and research worlds. 

Storage, transport and distribution of H2
In gaseous and liquid form for storage systems, micro-liquefaction, aircraft refuelling...
Diversification of H2 use
For ground handling vehicles and equipment, rail transport at airports, energy supply to buildings or aircraft during ground handling operations, etc.
Circular economy based on H2
About the recovery of liquid H2 dissipated during aircraft refuelling, the valorisation to produce decarbonised H2...

We are ready, with our partners, to federate a unique ecosystem to make possible the progressive integration of hydrogen at Paris airports. We must prepare today to welcome the hydrogen aircraft in 2035 by transforming our airports into real hydrogen hubs, in which we wish to develop various uses, with our stakeholders, around airside and city-side ground mobility. Alongside other solutions, such as sustainable alternative fuels, the deployment of hydrogen aims to accelerate the decarbonisation of air transport.
Edward Arkwright
Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP

11th February 2021 Opening of the applications

26th March 2021 End of the applications

End of May 2021 Announcement of successful projects