Published on 01/10/2020

Urban air mobility tested at Pontoise aerodrome

A new scope of development for air transport, unexplored as yet, but supported by an increase in the technological offer for drones and electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles (commonly referred to as eVTOL), will be tested in real conditions at one of our aerodromes. 

Groupe ADP intends to fulfil its role as facilitator and accelerator to explore and allow the development of all possible futures in an aviation that is carbon-free and innovative.
Edward ARKWRIGHT (30/09/2020)
Chief Executive Officer of Groupe ADP

The unprecedented crisis that has hit air transport in recent months has driven stimulus efforts towards an environmental transition of the sector, striving for carbon-free aviation. This new objective represents an industrial revolution that is taking the entire aviation industry along in its wake.

Flying vehicle tested 

Low altitudes represent a new strategic frontier that could have a host of applications, combining a lighter environmental footprint with innovation for the common good.

Extensive applications could now be envisaged, whether in terms of logistics, health or passenger transport, with manufacturers promising a fast, flexible service offer at low infrastructure costs. 

The future of flying vehicles 

On 30 September 2020, the German manufacturer Volocopter, a pioneer in urban air mobility, presented the only vehicle currently in the process of obtaining EASA certification: Volocity.

The company thus becomes the first industrial player to position itself alongside Groupe ADP. Volocity has room for two people with hand luggage.

35 km
of autonomy
maximum speed
electrical rotors

Full-scale trial at Pontoise aerodrome

On 30 September 2020, Groupe ADP opened an international call for expression of interest, with five main components – vehicles, infrastructure, operations, airspace integration, and acceptability – to position Île-de-France, and therefore France, as a leader in this market.

For this purpose, Groupe ADP is providing a test bed: the Pontoise-Cormeilles Aerodrome in Vexin. Whereas considerable attention has been given so far to the vehicle, as much effort must now be put into the conditions for integrating this new mode of transport in an urban environment, starting here at Pontoise, on the urban fringe, a mere 35 km from Paris. The aerodrome will allow the development of a test area in a real-life aviation situation.

From the beginning of 2021, the necessary adjustments will be made at Pontoise to host the first tests as from June 2021, to be carried out by Volocopter with its 100% electric vehicle. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Eurocontrol are supporting this initiative and will assist us in the proper design of the Pontoise test area as well as airport operations.

Pontoise-Cormeilles Aerodrome in Vexin: location, history, activities and surface area

While the prospect of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games represents an exceptional opportunity to think about air mobility, it is necessary today to mobilise stakeholders in this up-and-coming industry.  It is a new adventure in aviation, at the same time that hydrogen is starting to get a foothold. Together with the Île-de-France region and RATP, its actual integration in daily life still remains to be developed, but it already looks highly promising as a mode of transport that can supplement existing modes. Groupe ADP is more than ever committed to reinventing the aviation of the future.

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